Oh, If I Could Have Only Stayed Longer

From a breeder I was bought,
I would be loved Forever is what I thought.

The first year of my life I grew into a big boy,
Healthy, strong, lovable and so full of joy.

But suddenly something happened in my head,
And terrible seizures would send me to my bed.

My Mom and Dad said they couldn't afford the vet fees,
The proper medications were too costly to keep me seizure free.

So I was returned to my former breeders home where there was no room,
Oh how my heart began to fill with so much gloom!

Suddenly my Rescue Angel appeared and said "Fear not little one for you are now safe and secure",
We will love you and care for you of that I can assure.

As the years passed the seizures increased, but I continued to fight,
As I struggled, my Rescue Angel would hold me in her arms so tight.

Twice a day I willingly took my medicine like a trooper,
Although some days I would end up in a stupor.

Though my Rescue Angel tried everything in her power,
My health began to decline and the future looked so dour.

I looked up at my Rescue Angel with my beautiful eyes,
And told her I knew it was time to say our goodbyes.

Farewell to all who loved me so much and cared,
I know I will forever be in your prayers.

By Jan Collins© 2-23-18

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