It Was A Long Way Home

I was found as a stray and suffered from fear aggression,
And was facing euthanization without question.

Some would say the shelters decision was cruel,
But death for aggressive dogs was the rule.

It appeared there was no hope left for me,
So I accepted what I felt was meant to be.

Suddenly there was a lady standing outside my cage who had come to visit me,
She inquired if there was a rescue willing to help would they set me free.

The lady made calls to several different rescues with no success,
Until she finally found a rescue angel willing to help in the northwest.

You see it was in Atlanta, Georgia that I was found,
And to my surprise to Michigan I was bound!

The trip was very long and painful for in addition,
My eye had not been cared for and was in horrible condition.

As the trip began to draw to an end I could hardly control my anticipation,
And was not disappointed when I reached my destination.

I was immediately whisked off to the vet to care for my eye,
When the eye was removed I felt so much better and didnít even cry.

My fear gradually dissipated as I realized in my life there was nothing amiss,
And I returned the love I was given with tail wagging and a slurpy kiss.

Though I never found my special family ,I was very happy in my foster home,
Love surrounded me and there was not a minute where I ever felt alone.

So here I am off on another journey in my life to reunite with many of my old friends,
I hope life is as fulfilling as these last years have been as to the Rainbow Bridge I ascend.

By Jan Collins© 7-30-18

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