Listen Closely

I was a wee little thing and suddenly was removed from my mother,
Loaded in a truck and crammed in a crate with so many others.

We all cried out hysterically in fear and pain,
No one acknowledged our cries, they were all in vain.

The truck finally stopped and we sang out in rendition,
Hoping we would be back with our mothers not realizing the living conditions.

We were put on display in this place called a pet store,
Where all they wanted was to make money and nothing more.

Some of us got sick, could not survive the change and died,
The pet store owner threw us in the dumpster, but when asked what happened to us he just lied.

All that visited the pet store thought I was not a beautiful puppy,
And everyone would walk right by and not even want me.

Then my Mom wandered in and with a look of surprise,
Said I have never seen more beautiful eyes!

She opened her billfold and paid the exorbitant price,
And the pet store owner accepted the money with greed but was oh so nice.

Mom had no idea at that time there were people called puppy millers,
Who were abusing dog after dog for financial gain and were killers.

As time marched on and Mom and I would pass a pet store,
She would close her eyes, continue on by and I knew it hurt her to the core.

I would nudge Mom with my soft nose and plead,
Please go in for there are more just like me!

She would caress me and look me straight in my eyes,
And say this has got to stop before any more die.

One way to stop this is to not visit the store,
Then sales will drop and the pet store owners will not purchase any more.

She said this is a heart wrenching choice to make,
For I could go in, pay the price and all I would take.

I know how difficult it was for Mom to turn her back on those within,
But she knew the breeding would just start over once again.

Please know that at the Rainbow Bridge should a miller head in my direction,
I know all of the animals there will help dispose of the miller with discretion.

Mom I know that this is a very difficult goodbye for you,
But remember your words to all that ring so true.

Someday, sometime we will be reunited once again,
So know that I am waiting to cuddle close to you as soon as I can.

By Jan Collins© 3-29-09

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