Loved For Just Being Me

I moved from foster home to foster home in 2002,
All that met me just didnít know what to do.

You see I was so fearful of all and would bite,
Everyone thought I was doing this just out of spite.

I wanted to tell everyone what was going on in my mind,
But they just didnít have the patience to be kind.

No one seemed to understand how to meet my needs,
And my future looked very dim indeed.

I made a move to another foster home with a heart filled with grief,
For I believed once again the stay would be brief.

I was amazed at the difference in this foster home,
And the love and care for me that was shown.

They accepted me for who I was without question,
And told me helping me was their mission.

The foster home became my permanent home in 2003,
They adopted me and I was safe finally.

Mom and Dad taught me that love conquers all,
I was surrounded by love no matter my faults.

I worked diligently at learning how to give kisses,
For I so wanted to bring joy to Mom and Dad and fill their wishes.

I leave this world contented and carefree,
For I was pampered and loved for just being me.

By Jan Collins© 7-1-08

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