Love Is All I Need

I was a senior with heart problems and 13 years old,
My owners left me at a could they be so cold?

My future looked very, very dim indeed.
Those that passed me by didnít recognize my needs.

You see my needs were simple and so easy to fill,
A home with lots of love, cuddles and kisses would fit the bill.

I felt so alone and tried to let people know with my beautiful eyes,
That I certainly was not ready to say my goodbyes.

As the days passed I began to have my doubts,
No one really wanted to know what I was all about.
Suddenly my angels came to rescue me,
They exclaimed you are such a wee bit of a thing we see.

They held me close and whisked me off to their home,
Bestowed gentle kisses on me and said I would never be alone.

My simple needs were met for a wonderful four years,
And I ask you please Mom and Dad to dry your tears.

For you gave me so much that no one else would,
As I cross the Bridge I can feel your arms around me and it feels so good.

By Jan Collins© 4-18-08

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