Please Save Me!

Oh, there's a vehicle arriving through the gate,
Maybe whoever is driving will help me escape!

I've seen this person several times before,
And watched as other dogs were carried out the door.

Each time she comes to help one of us she is never remiss,
As she wanders by my cage and throws me a kiss.

A few times she was able to get close enough to me,
She whispered "It may take awhile, but I will set you free".

I tried to be very patient for my breeder had guidelines,
We had to have puppies until we were age nine.

I kept counting the days until my ninth birthday arrived,
And as promised my Rescue Angel turned into the drive.

Once in the car she gathered me up, held me so close and said,
You are free now little one and have nothing to dread.

I have been surrounded by love for these last years of my life,
What a wonderful feeling to be totally free of strife.

Mom watch for me as I cross the bridge with my head held high,
Can you feel my soft paw brushing the tears from your eyes?

By Jan Collins© 3-15-18

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