Puppies Are Not Forever

Oh look, someone is coming my way,
They say I am such a cute puppy and have made their day.

I go home with them snuggled up close,
They say I am so cute and keep kissing my nose.

I am given soft beds and wonderful toys,
Life could not get better and I am filled with joy.

I am happy, comfortable and carefree,
For I know that my family will always love me.

I am never left alone and taken for wonderful walks,
Mom and Dad laugh about the cute things I have done as they talk.

For some reason things begin to change as I grow older,
Mom and Dad do not seem to have any interest in me any longer.

I am turned out loose to wander as I choose,
Are they hoping something will happen to me because I am loose?

I have no idea what I did wrong to deserve this,
All I know is that I no longer feel a sweet kiss.

Suddenly a stranger comes to pick me up late at night,
They hold me close and assure me that all will be right.

It seems so good to be cuddled and held close once again,
I know now that my Mom and Dad committed a sin.

They abandoned me just because I became old,
How could they be so callous and cold?

By Jan Collins© 8-14-08

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