Kerrie and I were devastated when our Mom went to Heaven,
I was twelve years old and Kerrie was eleven.

We had no where to go and no place to call home,
We were grief stricken, afraid and felt so alone.

The family left behind didnít want us and we were so hurt,
We asked them why and their answers were very curt.

Thank goodness there are rescue angels around,
For they scooped us up and we were homeward bound.

We grieved for our Mom for such a long time,
But eventually surrounded by our angels we were fine.

My sweet Kerrie left me for the Bridge in 2006..I couldnít believe,
That once again I felt so empty and so filled with grief.

Mom and Dad tried to fill the void left by Kerrie,
By showering me with love and keeping each day merry.

Mom and Dad please look deep into my eyes,
For it is time for me to quietly say my goodbyes.

There will be no more sad days for me,
For my sweet Kerrie and I will once again be together and carefree.

By Jan Collins© 9-11-08
Our sweet redhead, we love you and miss you so much.
We know that you are finally at peace with your sweet Kerrie by your side.

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