Special Treasures

When Mom held me in her arms for the first time,
She sighed and said I think you are forever mine.

Of course as I got to know my Mom and her ways,
I knew she would search for my perfect Forever Home for days.

No matter how much she loves all of us,
She will do the right thing…she always does.

I would ask her often if there were any applications for me,
She would stroke me softly and say no, but I know there will be.

As time passed I asked Mom, does no one want me because I am older?
She would hold me close with tears in her eyes as I snuggled into her shoulder.

She told me not to worry for she loved me beyond measure,
And considered me one of her most valued treasures.

Mom helped me conquer all of my fears,
I know she needed me as much as I needed her.

I have no fears as I leave this world to go to another,
For Mom will join me one day and we will once again be together.

By Jan Collins© 11-15-07

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