The Face Of An Angel

Dumped at a shelter by my owners…they could see my fear,
They turned their backs, walked away without shedding a tear.

When God was creating me,
He bestowed an angel within for all to see.

Please look at my face closely with love,
There, now you can see the halo above.

My wings are hidden from view,
But they are there tried and true.

Please someone just look into my eyes,
I am not ready to die!

Wait, I hear steps approaching and I try to hide,
Thank you God, it is an angel that has arrived at my side.

She spread her wings and gently folded me to her,
While whispering I love you softly in my ear.

Three years have passed since that faithful day,
It is now time for me to spread my wings and fly away.

Thank you for giving me the choice of living out my life with you,
As you were there for me, I will be waiting here for you too.

By Jan Collins© 8-9-08

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