You're Never Too Old To Be Loved

I was fourteen years old when I arrived,
I was ready to take on the world and still in my prime.

My eyes were always sparkling with glee,
For I enjoyed everything I could see.

I had no idea of my size and that I was such a petite little girl,
For if something didnít please me I could put the household in a whirl.

There was not a day that went by that I didnít enjoy being held in someoneís arms,
I knew the world was safe and I was protected from harm.

I waited patiently for my special home and this may sound bold,
But I suddenly realized that everyone thought I was too old.

Mom and Dad told me not to worry about a thing,
For they were happy to love me and keep me under their wings.

So I lived out my days being snuggled, loved and kissed,
Those that never held me close have no idea what they missed.

It is time for me to bid farewell to all of those who held me so dear,
My journey begins and I leave contented, free of all fear.

By Jan Collins© 11-14-08

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