All Purpose
Nylon Scrubbies

These all purpose Nylon Scrubbies were lovingly made by our Aunt Judy.
For years our family has enjoyed receiving scrubbies in our Christmas Stocking. We are addicted to them.
Our all purpose Scrubbies can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and more.
They will do more than wash the dishes.
Some of our customers use them as an exfoliating scrub and tell us they are great for this purpose.
You can clean potatoes and cucumbers, remove lint from your clothes,
clean frost from the windshield on your car, clean your barbeque grills
and even the tires on your car with our all purpose Scrubbies.
They are also great in place of a bow for shower and birthday gifts.

  • 5" wide and 1/2" thick

  • Made of 6 yards of Nylon Netting which is 3" wide

  • Crocheted with a Jumbo Plastic Hook

  • Small hanging loop on each

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Long lasting

  • We are offering you a choice of two different sets of our all purpose Nylon Scrubbies.

    Set 1
    Pink/Purple Center
    Red/Yellow Center
    Peach/Blue Center

    Set 2
    Yellow/Red Center
    Blue/Peach Center
    Purple/Pink Center


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