Decorative Kitchen Sink Strainers
Mat Ensembles

Rascal the Dog Sink Strainer

Peke A Tzu Rescue is excited about our adorable decorative kitchen Sink Strainers and Stoppers.
Have fun matching your kitchen's current decor or shop for a unique gift for a family member or friend.
These kitchen sink strainers and stoppers fit standard sinks.
The sink strainers have a stainless steel basket with decorative holes in the strainer basket that can vary from hearts, fish, leaves, stars, etc.
The sink strainer also has the standard stopper so that you can leave it as a strainer or push down the decorative top to stop up the sink.
The plate on the stoppers is stainless steel.
The enamel decoration on both the strainers and stoppers add a clean crisp look to your kitchen sink and hold up beautifully to detergents and bleach.
Mix or Match and buy 2 strainers or stoppers, one for each side of your sink. If you have a single sink, buy 2 and give your kitchen some variety.
We have recently added our Strainers & Mat Ensembles and hope to add more in the near future if our customers show interest in this item.
The decorative sink strainers, stoppers and mat ensembles can not be found at your local stores.
They make unique and fun gifts for family, friends, co-workers and teachers.
If you do not see a sink strainer, stopper or ensemble that matches your kitchen decor, please email us at and let us know what you would like.
We may be able to special order one for you.

Due to sanitation reasons, all sales are final.

The kitchen sink strainers and stoppers are $23.00 each. The strainer & mat ensembles are $30.00 each.
This price includes US Postal Service First Class mail within the US.
If you prefer Priority Shipping please see below.
If shipping Internationally postage will be $7.00 extra, so please add to the cart below.
Peke A Tzu Rescue is happy to accept your donation through paypal by using the links below and your order will be processed within 24 hours.
If you prefer to pay by other methods, please follow instructions at the bottom of the page.

Kitchen Sink Strainer Selections

Apple Green Strainer Cherries Strainer Strawberry Strainer

Canine Companions
Rascal the Dog Sink Strainer White Dog Sink Strainer Black Paw Sink Strainer Dog Bone
Retriever Sink Strainer

Feline Companions
Gray Cat Sink Strainer White Cat Sink Strainer Miss Kitty Strainer

Garden Friends
Hibiscus Sink Strainer Sunflower Sink Strainer Lady Bug Sink Strainer Butterfly Sink Strainer
John Deere Sink Strainer

What's Cookin'?
Coffee Cup Sink Strainer Chef Hat Strainer

Travel & Entertainment
Woody Car Sink Strainer Beach Scene Sink Strainer Palm Tree Sink Strainer Sunglasses Sink Strainer

Water Lovers
Tropical Fish Sink Strainer Red Fish Sink Strainer Frog Sink Strainer Blue Fish Sink Strainer

The Birds & The Bees
Hummingbird Sink Strainer Flamingo Strainer Cardinal Strainer

Country Residents
Black Cow Strainer Brown Cow Strainer Rooster Sink Strainer Golden Rooster Strainer
Horse Fly Sink Strainer

USA Flag Strainer Happy Face Sink Strainer Heart Strainer

Kitchen Sink Stopper Selections

Bernard the Cat Stopper White Dog Stopper Grapes Stopper Coffee Cup Stopper
Butterfly Stopper Dragonfly Stopper Daisy Stopper Sunflower Stopper
Blue Fish Heart Stopper Sailboat Stopper

Kitchen Strainers & Mat Ensemble Selections

50's Diner Mat & Coffee Cup Strainer Garden Mat & Daisy Strainer

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