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Tail Waggin' Comments

We have been selling belly bands since 2003 and panties for the girls since 2011
and began sharing our customer comments with all of you in October of 2009.

Comments 2009 to 2011

July 20, 2023
Thanks Jan.
We have tried others, but always like your belly bands the best.
And I like doing something for a rescue.
We lost our Bertie about a year ago and I have a
pile of red belly bands, which was his signature color, put away.
I can't use them and I can't part with them yet.
Anyway, we still have his brother Ollie.
And we are keeping a long-term foster Bayle.
Bayle also needs a belly band. I don't know if this is a poodle thing or what.:-)
but he's definitely an inside marker.
I'm sending a picture of Bailey in the belly band he's wearing today.
It's a Thanksgiving one. That's why I decided I needed to buy some more.
Best regards,
Barbara in Georgia

July 15, 2023
Thank you for the cute belly bands that came yesterday.
It is such a well-made and helpful product.
Janice in Minnesota

June 19, 2023
Thank you for letting me know and thank you for what you do.
I have purchased from you before and it has always
been a pleasure. Your products are of excellent quality.
Thank you again!!!
Bonnie in California

January 27, 2023
“Lady” received her new bandanas yesterday and we love them all.
  She is wearing one now and looks beautiful. 
They fit great. Thanks again and have a great weekend.
 Warmest Regards,
 Karen & “Lady” in North Carolina

January 24, 2023
Thanks so much for sending the belly bands to me so quickly.
I was fostering a heartworm positive dog who was a former breeder
dog so the belly bands were really helpful 😊
He successfully completed heartworm treatment and was adopted to a
wonderful lady who had previously adopted from the rescue I fostered for.
Thanks for all y’all do for the dogs!
Lynice in Texas

June 29, 2022
Thank you so much! We love the belly bands!
I've tried others and they just don't compare.
I've even suggested them to friends who then bought them.
I love supporting your rescue!
Tracy in Indiana

February 3, 2022
Your Belly Bands have been the perfect "fix" for my senior boy
who has developed potty issues.
Great quality product keeps our house happy and "error" free.
Thank you!
Susan in Iowa

October 25, 2021
Thank you so much for being available for our 14 yr old,
very loved dog! They’re a lifesaver so he can have
a normal life running around the house.
Kimberly in Illinois

September 13, 2021
Order arrived fast and the quality is better than ever. Love all the fabric choices.
Teddy is always looking great in his belly bands.
He is lifting in style!!
Angela in Arizona

August 24, 2021
Wonderful product. My sister has been buying these for her little boy
for over 8 years. My little rescue Mort was definitely in need of some help.
These work perfectly...thank you!
Erin in New York

August 15, 2021
Fast shipment, great fabrics and fantastic belly band as usual.
Frankie says "thank you".
Shannon in Mississippi

August 3, 2021
Benji is happy again. Thank you for taking such good care of him.
He is so comfortable in your belly bands
and never complains when we put one on him.
And of course it certainly saves our carpeting!
Please thank your seamstress!
Mary in Connecticut

July 21, 2021
Our neighbor told us about your belly bands. They are great!
Super craftmanship and beautiful fabric.
Will definitely be back for more.
Angela in Texas

July 3, 2021
Hi Jan,
Our belly bands arrived today and they’re wonderful as always.
We are grateful for your products and quick work with getting them
made and sent out. Thank you endlessly
for the work you do. We are always happy to support your cause.
Lindsay in Arizona

January 14, 2021
Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to know to be on the lookout
for it because I have had some crazy mail issues including packages
getting delivered other places. I actually received them today and I got a nice handwritten
note explaining she had to do something to make the band reversible and she included
an extra belly band for me. She didn’t have to do that, but you guys
are always so great which is why I have been a customer for many many years now.
I appreciate everything.
Jamie in Virginia

December 23, 2020
Hi Jan,
Our belly bands arrived on Monday as a pleasant surprise!
My senior guy looks adorable in them and
the quality is amazing as always.
Thank you endlessly and Merry Christmas!
Lindsay in Arizona

November 25, 2020
I have been ordering from you for years!
They work great! I suggested them to my girlfriend, but she doesn’t have PayPal
so I purchased for her. I wasn’t able to change address on your website!
Thank you so much for sending them directly to her!
Happy Thanksgiving. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks again.
Sabina in Arizona

October 30, 2020
A friend told me about your belly bands. I could not be more pleased.
They are so well made and fit great. Thank you
for offering such a good product. I'll be back!!
Erica in Pennsylvania

October 23, 2020
Dugan loves his new belly bands! It was time for a new wardrobe for him.
Your belly bands are so well made they seem to last forever.
I appreciate how well these are made and Dugan always enjoys showing off the cute fabrics.
Alana in Mississippi

October 16,2020
Thank you again. We are long time loyal customers -11 years
- and I always send people your way because the belly bands are awesome,
it’s a very reasonable price, and the best place to give your $ is a rescue!
My senior pug (Mojo, laying down with belly band in the picture,
needs these due to complete incontinence) and they help my 1 year old papillon (Drogon)
to not mark. My 4 year old male pug (with his paw on Mojo) just started marking
- so this new order is his size! Thanks for everything!
Michelle in Indiana

July 17, 2020
I don’t know what we would have done without your belly bands throughout the years
(we call them cummerbunds because Kipper has a fragile ego😉).
They have been a life saver and I think almost a security blanket for Kipper.
I think he will have 8 when these 2 arrive.
Thank you for your hard work with the rescue pups!
Tina in Virginia

March 31, 2020
Hello. Just wanted to share two pictures of Mo wearing his belly bands.
When I plan to be gone from home more than 3 hours I tell Mo
he can wear his belly band and he's always happy about that.
However, he does not like to smile for pictures but he really is happy!
Thank you for what you do and the quality product you produce.
Janice in Minnesota

March 11, 2020
Satisfied return customer here. You make the best belly bands ever!
My three boys always look in style
and the best part is my floors do too!
Keep up the good work!
Laurie in Kentucky

February 20, 2020
So glad my friend let me know about your belly bands.
These are fantastic and Jojo is very comfortable in them.
My carpeting is safe once again!
Gerilyn in Hawaii

February 6, 2020
The extra width on the belly band for Tommy worked perfectly.
My little escape artist can escape no more!
Thank you for the advice and getting the belly band out to us so quickly.
We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends and family.
Judy in Oregon

January 30, 2020
Great product! Fast Shipment! Perfect fit!
Highly recommend these belly bands. Thank you.
Marietta in Virginia

January 21, 2020
Thank you for making a special belly band for my little Tyrus.
He is comfortable in the belly band and my floors are dry!
Darlene in Maryland

January 8, 2020
Arrived quickly and fit Charlie perfectly. Love the fabrics!
Erika in Ohio

March 5, 2019
Thank you for custom making Teddy's belly bands for us. They fit perfectly!!
We will definitely return for more belly bands.
Nancy in Michigan

February 25, 2019
Have tried so many belly bands for my Odie and these are perfect.
He is very comfortable and he looks so stylish.
Thank you for the prompt service.
Miranda in Ohio

February 18, 2019
Great perfectly. Love the choice of fabrics!
Nancy in Oregon

January 25, 2019
We feel good about the purchase because of how the money is used,
and we've tried other versions, and yours are the BEST!
They have been real life savers with two dogs we have --
my daughter's little rescue who has a "nervous" bladder, and my old Papillon
who is losing a bit of control.
Bless you for what you do!
Carol in Alabama

January 10, 2019
Hi Jan,
I absolutely LOVE the belly bands and my house wouldn’t survive without them!
I give your info to everyone!
Happy New Year to you and all the pupsters :)
Pam in Alabama

December 18, 2018
Thank you! These belly bands are the best!
I still have some that have lasted for many years.
We just needed some new designs.
I refer everyone who needs belly bands to your rescue.
Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do for the precious doggies!
Pam in Minnesota

November 30, 2018
Thank you for getting the belly bands to me so quickly.
My little rescue buddies say thank you also.
Hope all of your little ones are finding great homes.
Harriet in Ohio

November 13, 2018
Mario says hi and wants to thank you for his new wardrobe.
The fit is great and the fabrics are so much fun.
Thank you,
Elena in Florida

October 11, 2018
Hope you enjoy seeing Bentley wearing his Chicago Bears Belly Band.
My husband shows him off to company when they are watching the game.
Sorry the picture is so blurry, but he looks great in the belly band
and no more accidents in the house thank goodness.
Mary in Illinois

September 23, 2018
Thank you for letting me return the belly bands because I had ordered the wrong size.
The correct ones fit Henry perfectly!
Erin in Alabama

September 13, 2018
Fast shipping. Great fit and so well made. Saber loves them and so do I!
Thank you,
Molly in Vermont

September 2, 2018
Fendi is back in business once again.
His belly bands were getting a bit worn after four years.
He loves all of his new belly bands.
He thinks he is the best dressed belly band dog out here.
Best Regards,
Della in Washington

August 5, 2018
I am so glad I was told about your belly bands from a friend.
So well made and the choice of fabrics is amazing.
The bands fit perfectly and wash up nicely.
Thank you so much.
Nancy in California

July 21, 2018
Just wanted to thank you for getting the belly bands to us so quickly.
You are a life saver.
Franco just isn't getting the idea of where he should really do his duties.
These are the perfect solution and so well made.
June is Arizona

July 15, 2018
As usual the best belly bands out here!! Randall says thank you.
He is back in style once again.
Brenda in West Virginia

June 19, 2018
Hi Jan,
Thanks so much. I've ordered belly bands for 3 of my rescue boys now from
y'all. Sadly two of my babies have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but I
thought you might like to see them wearing their belly bands... in one
picture, my Lhasa Apso, Braxton, is actually bringing it to me so that I
could put it on him. He is wearing it in the other picture. The last
picture is my Arnie, who passed away the day after Thanksgiving. He was a
big Yankees fan, and he wore his belly band with pride. I will get a
picture or 2 of my new boy, Poo, and send them to you too. These are the
best belly bands out there, and I'm so appreciative of the quality of
them, not to mention all of the wonderful fabrics to choose from. And, as
a fellow rescue person, who takes in the old, the sick, and the unwanted,
it makes me feel good to know that I am helping out such an amazing rescue!
Warm regards,
Stacey in New York

June 14, 2018
I recommend you to everyone who needs belly bands—
Currently I have 10 small elderly rescue dogs and 7 are little boys!
Have a great day and keep making those belly bands!
Pam in Alabama

April 28, 2018
We received our delivery, thank you.
Attached is a photo of the panties on 14-yr-old Macy (with her housemate Molly).
The panties work great and I appreciate how cute they are.
Donna in Washington

February 14, 2018
Thank you for customizing the length and width for our little guy.
They fit him perfectly. We will be back for additional belly bands.
Tiffany in Ohio

November 3, 2017
As usual quick shipment and outstanding quality.
Love all of the fabric choice I have and so does Clyde.
Lynn in California

August 31, 2017
The belly bands arrived today and they are cuter than ever and so well made.
I let all of my friends and family know where to go for their belly bands.
We love the high quality and your quick service.
Marilyn in Virginia

June 29, 2017
Georgio absolute loves his new belly bands. He thinks he is the coolest dog around.
Hope you enjoy the pictures of our handsome boy.
Frank in Canada

June 3, 2017
I am a returning customer and would not buy belly bands anywhere else!
Thank you for continuing to make such an excellent product.
Jane in Illinois

May 22, 2017
I have placed several orders through you and I would like you to know I love your bands,
and I love buying from Michigan businesses.
I am actually using them on my German Shepherd she is struggling with a HOT SPOT on the back of her neck.
I have been using your bands to keep it covered loosely to prevent her from
scratching and reopening the wound. They seem to work great except the last order
I placed I ordered the wrong width I am hoping with this order (I ordered extra width)
these ones work out. It's been a trial and error lol .
Thank you for your work and super fast shipping. I look forward to ordering more in the future.
Colleen in Michigan

March 30, 2017
I wanted to say that I LOVE your products!
I have been buying them for years and the quality of the belly bands have stood the test of time!
I appreciate all you do for the rescue!
Sharon in Nebraska

January 6, 2017
I love the first belly band I purchased.
It's the only one that's held up compared to other ones I've used.
You have an amazing selection and such good quality.
I'm so glad a friend forwarded me your website.
Randall in Pennsylvania

January 5, 2017
Thank you Jan,
Your belly bands are of such high quality and they work so well for Chief.
I am glad that my purchase goes to a great cause.
Ginger in Colorado

January 1, 2017
Love the belly bands! I have at least 10 now.
I tell everyone that needs one about you all.
Thank you to the seamstresses for their exquisite workmanship
and thanks to everyone for rescuing furbabies.
Nancy in Kansas

December 5, 2016
The belly bands fit perfectly.
I have purchased from other sources, but these are the best I have seen.
Please let your seamstress know she does an exceptional job!
Fran in Nevada

November 24, 2016
My babies are happy again. All of the belly bands look fantastic as usual.
The boys are in style now!
Thank you once again for the great product and saving my floors!
Betty in Washington

November 10, 2016
The belly bands I ordered from you arrived yesterday -- such a quick turnaround from when I ordered them!
The patterns are so cute and the colors so vibrant. And, they are wonderfully made.
The seamstress did a very nice job. I like the little label put inside each band telling where they came from.
Thank you so much, for making belly bands. I haven't been able to find
anything else in catalogs or stores that come close to the simplicity and functionality of your bands.
A lot of the store belly bands/wraps have elastic around the legs, which is not comfortable for the dogs.
But, the dogs don't seem to mind your product. And, they provide a little extra warmth and comfort as well.
I have had a pet sitting business for the past 15 years. I board dogs in my home and these
bands are a must for the male dogs, if I don't want to have my house trashed by possible "marking!"
And, just in time for the busy holidays of pet care coming up, adding to the collection
I already have! I pass your website and belly band information onto clients and other pet sitters as well.
And, everyone is so happy the sale of the bands goes to help the pupsters!
Beth in Michigan

October 23, 2016
I hope my puppy gets to wear the Cubbies belly band while the world series is going on!
Go Cubs! Actually he's not a puppy anymore. He's 15, blind and deaf and incontinent.
Your belly bands have been a lifesaver and they last forever!
Cathy in Indiana

October 21, 2016
We are very active with one of our local rescue organizations but don’t have anything like you offer
- and these belly bands fit our little Pom rescue so well.
He’s doing a great job of being a mascot for the Denver Broncos. ;-)
I am so glad that you offer these, that they are of such high quality,
and that the purchase supports a worthy organization.
Ginger in Colorado

October 14, 2016
Thank you for such a great product.
I have tried other bands but yours are best.
As you know, In rescue work, it is essential to have belly bands on hand!
Thank you for all you do for doggies!
Becky in Iowa

September 17, 2016
We have been fans of 911 belly bands for years. Your belly bands are infinitely better than anything you can buy
in a store, they are less expensive, and the fact the money goes to a rescue just makes it awesome. We
first started because our younger pug is the sweetest, ironically most obedient, but most difficult dog to
potty train that I have ever had. (We crate train and I even spent time with vet specialist to determine if it
was physical. Nope. He just doesn't get it.) He mostly is fine now, but it isn't consistent and it is just better to
be safe than sorry. Now the belly bands are just a part of life for him . Both of our dogs happily wait to have
them put on and wag their tails. I also have a senior pug that is nearly 16 yr old. This is the smartest
dog I have ever trained in anything (best agility dog ever, beating our border collie from years ago),
but his medication is interfering with his kidneys. We had the smaller belly bands and before this new order
and your advice, we had to "double bag" him as my husband says (put two bands on) to completely contain
the mess on those very special occasions. BUT, the 5" bands combined with the pads made for urine
(generic Poise brand) is better than what we had been doing previously. I am absolutely delighted.
Nothing gets out!!!!! Anyway, over the years and still today, these bands have been a life saver that have made
living with an incontinent dog and an eternally potty trained confused dog, like no big deal. I am a clean freak
and it's a fact of life, sometime in your dog's life, you are going to have some issue. These are
affordable. work like a charm, and are really cute. We have a full stash of them with Steelers belly bands for game
days, Christmas, Halloween, valentines day, other Holiday, and every day adorable styles. We love them.
Here are some action photos of our pugs stylin' with your belly-bands.
Thanks for running a rescue and offering such a great product to everyone! It's an incredible win win.
Very best regards,
Michelle in Indiana

September 9, 2016
I have 6 of your belly bands now. They fit so well, and are so cute!
Also, though I have tried others, I keep coming back to you, because of the quality.
Here are just a couple photos of my Duke. Feel free to post them on your comments/photos. He loves to show off lol.
I have told all my friends about your bands, and have given
a couple to friends, who never knew belly bands existed! They loved them too.
Thank you for saving and helping so many fur-babies!
Charlotte & Duke in North Dakota

August 17, 2016
I just wanted to let you know that I received these today. They are perfect!
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to these.
Now if I can just figure out how to keep the other dogs from taking them off of Harley... lol.
I will send a pic of him wearing one as soon as I can get a decent one.
Have a great day!
Gretchen in Texas

August 3, 2016
Spudsie found his way into our hearts over 10 years ago after
his first family couldn't take care of him anymore. He is 13 years old, even though his "puppy cut" makes
him look not a day over 2. After not being potty trained at all for the first 3 years of his life,
we have been unsuccessful in our efforts to completely potty train him since then.
The "belly bands" from Peke A Tzu Rescue have been
an absolute life saver.
Thank you so much!!!!
Kelsey in Michigan

June 2, 2016
I love that you make these and that the money goes to a great organization.
Please let your seamstress know how wonderful of a job they do.
I bought my first belly band at the pet store and hated it from the start.
I have loved yours. They are very well made and are so cute!
Thank you again,
Mandy in Indiana

March 8, 2016
Just wanted to say that I love the belly bands for my dogs.
They are very well made and look beautiful on my dogs.
I have purchased some in the past and have returned to purchase more.
I tell everyone about them and how well they are made.
Thank you so much for your service. I'm sure I will be returning again..
Evelyn in North Carolina

February 6, 2016
I received my order last week and want to let you know how much I like your belly bands.
You have almost too many choices!
And excellent production quality!
Thank you for the very speedy service.
Eileen in North Carolina

January 27, 2016
Got the belly bands today and they are so darling.....
My two boys want to thank you once again.
They love them and so do I ...
Theresa in Ohio

January 22, 2016
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the fleece belly band I ordered for my dog Hope.
Yes, Hope. She is a female and she does not wear her belly band for incontinence.
She actually wears it to keep her feeding tube secure.
Hope has congenital megaesophagus and had to have a feeding tube surgically placed on 11/23/15.
I have been using flexi wrap to cover her feeding tube but it is costly
and time consuming to wrap her. I will now be using her purple fleece belly band
to cover it so that she can't chew it or get it caught on anything.
Thank you! I am so happy to have found this.
Best wishes,
Debra-Ann in Georgia

December 30, 2015
Just received my new belly bands today. They are so adorable.
My dogs just love them and look so handsome wearing them. These are the best made belly bands
I have ever owned and through the years I have owned a lot of them. These belly bands are so well made and so soft.
Strong but so soft. Will be ordering more soon. You have made me and my two fur sons very happy.
Gino and Dakota want to say thank you for their belly bands and we want to wish you a very Happy New Year!
Theresa in Ohio

December 24, 2015
I will be returning in the future. I have been buying belly bands for years now
and these are so well made and the best I have ever owned.
I really love them. I look forward to getting my next ones.
My dogs are very happy. I am glad I can help with the pupsters vet bills
or anything else they might need. I love all my fur kids.
I have 4 rescue cats and they are wonderful. They make my life better and
always make me smile. With my 2 dogs and my 7 cats life is never boring.
Merry Christmas,
Theresa in Ohio

November 7, 2015
Just want to tell you how pleased I am with both the Belly Bands and PP Panties your rescue makes.
They are hands-down the best available and wash beautifully!
As you know I've ordered quite a few belly bands over the years and was very pleased
to find that you make panties for the girls too.
All the panties I find in the stores have tight elastic which tends to cut into their legs.
Not exactly comfortable!
Thank you again for making a wonderful product!
Dana in Florida

June 29, 2015
Got my belly bands in the mail today and just had to say how pleased
I am with how they fit and the quality. I love them!!
When you say you use 1/2 a poise you just cut it in half?....from side to side?
Thanks again. I hope this solves my doggies tinkling issues.
Gina in Wisconsin

June 6, 2015
We received the belly bands quickly and they are great.
They fit Bernie and Ernie well and they do not seem to mind them.
Thank you for saving our carpet!
Choie in Arkansas

May 23, 2015
We are thrilled our groomer recommended your belly bands.
We have tried several others and they just did not fit.
These are so well made, fit like a glove and wash so well.
We are glad we could help the dogs in the rescue.
A Very Satified Customer,
Dora in Michigan

May 18, 2015
Great service as usual and love the new fabrics.
The boys were all excited to get new belly bands
We'll be back!
Thank you!
Elaine in Colorado

May 3, 2015
The belly bands arrived and Rory loves them!
The belly bands are so well made and am sure I will order more.
Thank you for the quick service and your advice on sizing.
Best Regards,
Karen in Singapore

April 27, 2015
I received the belly bands a few days ago. As always, I am very satisfied.
I love the little patch sewn in there now :) I have been ordering your belly bands for years and
I always recommend you to anyone who needs them. I have 3
senior male Pekingese and they all wear them, I go through about 9 bladder pads per day.
These hold up exceptionally well!
Great price for such high quality and I love that the money goes to help rescue dogs.
Thank you!
Pam in Minnesota

March 29, 2015
Thank you Jan for the work you do for dogs and for providing an affordable
belly band for my naughty dog, who feels the need to mark everything.
Without the belly bands the house would be ruined!
I've been frustrated by how the maxi pads we use with them don't help a lot,
so I will try your suggestion of the Poise.
Thank you again!
Shannon in New York

March 10, 2015
I introduced the bands to my mother for her dog and she just loved them.
They are so well made and do what they are suppose to do...that is why I have ordered more for her.
She is the one who I ordered the large belly bands for. The small belly bands go to me for my little maltese CORY,here in Florida.
The belly bands have been a godsend for me as my fur baby likes to mark his territory in my house.
They were the perfect fix and he doesn't mind wearing them at all.
He doesn't pee in my house he just likes to spray even though he is fixed...the little devil.
My mother also found that her poodle Maxi, finds that them comfortable.
She was buying the ones in the pet store....NO Comparison !
These are so much better..and I will spread the word...and God Bless you for your work.
Thank You again,
Ingrid in Florida

January 10, 2015
Patton and I are very happy customers and love your belly bands.
Patton is a rescue and was not neutered until just before he came to live with me at around 4 years old.
He is such a good boy but sometimes...just HAS to leave a "bit of himself" behind so...
we needed a little help in that department. We tried some of the "diapers" that were sold commercially
and they just didn't fit or work well for us....then, we found Peke A Tzu Rescue's site
and thought we'd give their products a try. They work wonderfully!
Patton wears them comfortably...they prevent any little accidents and he goes and
is welcomed everywhere with me. He even flies with me wearing his bellyband.
They also wash beautifully!
Thank you, thank you from both of us!
I will try to get a good picture of Patton with his bellyband and send it along!
Lisa and Patton in Texas

August 25, 2014
I have received my belly band and am so happy with it.
It fits perfectly, the design is adorable and the quality and workmanship is excellent.
I can’t believe the perfectly straight stitching lines.
Very impressed and I will be ordering more.
Thank you!
Karen in Arizona

August 24, 2014
I have a collection of your belly bands and LOVE them and tell everyone I know to buy
from you because yours are high quality, a good price, and they last!!
Plus I love the choice of fabrics! I have a senior dog in a
belly band every day and am washing them all the time and they still look great.
It is for this senior dog that I am ordering more because he
seems to be having more trouble than before, and so I need
more belly bands so I am not doing laundry every day or two!
I look forward to getting them.
Thank you!
Carol in Virginia

August 8, 2014
Hi Jan,
Just letting you know I received the belly bands recently. They are just great!
They fit Dakota just wonderful. I love the prints too!
It was also a great pleasure talking with you. (I do apologize for calling you so late).
I really appreciated that you could correct my error on the order. Thanks so much!
Peke A Tzu Rescue is lucky to have you in all that you do.
Cherie in Washington

July 20, 2014
Baby boy Loves them! He now has better movement along with style.
They feel and look better than others we have purchased.
We are happy with them.
Thank you,
Lori in Virginia

June 24,2014
We recieved all of our belly bands and will be ordering more!
Our little guy is just a year old, but has some bladder issues.
The belly bands have been a lifesaver.
His name is Lincoln and attached is a photo!
Kimberle in Iowa

June 4, 2014
Hi! I received my belly bands and put one on my little boy who likes likes to hike his leg.
He isn't too sure about it but I'm excited and hope it does the trick.
Thank you for all you do for the fur babies!i.
I'm trying to attach a picture so hopefully it will work.
Judy in North Carolina

May 30, 2014
I wanted to take a moment and commend you on your website and your rescue!!!
I have dealt with many rescues out here in Southern California
and I have to say you guys seem to do an AWESOME job!!!
Me and my dog Baron want to say HUGE thank you for your belly bands, they are AWESOME!!!!
I had a heck of a time finding sizes that would fit him and you guys offer
the sizes and they are SO well made.
I had already ordered two and I just ordered two more and added the extra width.
Baron lost the function of his rear legs late last year,
and as much my boy tries to make it to the wee pad, he doesn't always quite make it.
These belly bands have been his savior as well as mine.
He is still getting use to them, but they work great!!!!
So long story short, we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
for everything you do for these wonderful canines!!
Kimberly and Baron in California

May 19, 2014
I love the belly bands...I already have 3 of them for my boys,
but would like to have 3 more, so I can switch off when they get a little dirty...
they are made so good, and so strong...I am so pleased...
my 3 maltese boys think they have to mark a lot, so they wear the bands inside....
except at bedtime, and when they go outside of course.
Thank you again for the work you all do to help in rescuing these babies.
I hope to later on order some with the animals on it....but I do love the denim,
because they are a heavier fabric, and wears great.
Thank you again,
Candy in Oklahoma

March 25, 2014
I have received all the bands and I am so happy with the quality.
My chihuahuas look so cute and stylish.
Thank you so much,
Janet in Texas

March 22, 2014
Just wanted you to know I received my new band for my Charlie today.
Thanks again for such a great item for pets with medical problems.
My boy has diabetes and it has affected his kidneys.
I'm sure I will purchase more in the future.
Thank you,
Patti in North Carolina

February 18, 2014
I appreciate the work you are doing, and the belly bands are beautifully made.
Our one little boy is a lover, but he came to us with a pee issue and didn't know when he was going.
He is little, and we don't leave the dogs outside, so I used to take him out every 1/2 hour.
He is incredible (we have had him 3 years now), but had to stay in a crate
when we would leave for any period of time.
Now with the belly band, he is free to sun himself at the window.
Anyhow, thank you again, he has more freedom now, and we all are happier.
Blessings to all,
Leslie in California

January 19, 2014
Here is a picture of Bogie wearing his new belly band from Peke A Tzu Rescue.
Once I found out what you and your organization are doing,
I couldn't think of ordering from anyone else plus I get such a quality product.
Good luck with all you do.
Pat in Missouri

January 13, 2014
Great service! I couldn't believe how quickly the belly bands arrived.
The workmanship is incredible and the bands fit so well.
Our boys love them and it is certainly saving our floors!
We will definitely return for more.
Jerene in Idaho

December 23, 2013
Received the PP Panties in the mail today. Thank you! They are gorgeous!
We will try to get a photo of Luna wearing these later today.
She is going to like these much better than the paper diapers. She is eight and having trouble with her anal glands.
The vet wants her to not lick herself. So covering her bum seemed a good idea.
I had found your website a few years ago because I knew we we'd need PP Panties
at some point with older lady Shih Tzu in the house. Looks like the day has come.
I had sent my friend, Donna , to you for belly bands a few months ago.
The PP Panties are so well made. My compliments to your seamstress!
Merry Christmas to you and all your family, two legged and four legged!
Jill in Pennsylvania

December 19, 2013
I just received the special 3" belly bands for Monkey, my body-builder min pin foster.
They are gorgeous and I think going to work very well.
I believe he'll be more comfortable with the narrower band.
I'm sending a picture of him snoozing with his new BB and one of Rio my other
Min Pin Chihuahua rescue that competes with Monkey in the leg lifting exercises:)
All my guys -- Min Pins & my Dobie wear your belly bands.
I love them and tell anyone who asks where to send for their own.
I hope all your rescue babies are doing well and maybe some will
even find their way to their forever home this season.
Take care and here's hoping for a healthy and abundant 2014.
Sharon in California

December 5, 2013
I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my Barkley's bands!
You guys are the greatest and have the best, quality materials.
I have several of your bands but they have gotten a little tight for my little guy.
I think he ate a bit too much for Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks again,
Nancy in Kansas

December 3, 2013
Wow! I received the order 12/2, Monday.
What fast service and the belly bands are fantastic. I could not find anything like it on the market,
your bands are great, especially the fleece as it is such a comfortable fit
and bends with the hips with no stress on the dogs skin.
Feel free to use my comments when marketing as I a absolutely sold on your belly bands.
Thank you,
Shirley in Indiana

October 24, 2013
Our pug, Otis, was a rescue and I love that the purchase of belly bands goes to help other pups in need.
After ordering from other belly band sites,
I've found that yours are the easiest to use and the best fit for our little guy.
Not to mention your volunteers are FAST!
I will be ordering again soon.
Thanks for all your help!
Robin in Tennessee

October 19, 2013
What an excellent product exceeding our expectations!
Here is the picture of our boy whom, due to age, has recently started male incontinence.
(an 8 and half year old Borzoi)
Michelle in Virginia

September 14, 2013
We love the belly bands and were impressed with the quality after trying the saggy big box variety.
Pinchi (pug) loves his newfound freedom and I am happy with the added insurance to protect my hardwood floors.
I think he looks darling with the frogs and love his Cowboys team spirit.
We will be buying more once we try out this size's wear and tear,
glad your site recommended the extra width to cover his junk.
Thanks a bunch,
Sandra in Virginia

August 1, 2013
Thank you as always for your wonderful and prompt customer service! We are traveling to Chicago soon
with our little Teddy and I wanted to have a few "extra" belly bands on hand
as we won't be doing laundry while traveling. You have a great product,
and I will recommend them to anyone in need for their little fur babies...:o)
Judie in Missouri

July 27, 2013
I just purchased a flannel belly band for my Min Pin, Rosco.
He has had incontinence as a result of Cushings disease,
which included leaking and also several accidents around the house.
I've had the band for 3 days now and it has been wonderful!
Going through a lot of pads, but happy that that means the pee isn't all over my floor!
It is also so wonderful to support an organization like yours.
I've just purchased 2 more bands to rotate through and
will tell all my friends that this is the place to get bands for their boys.
Thanks again!!
Elissa in Washington

July 24, 2013
This is the third time I have ordered from you. I love the belly bands!
We have a 1.5 yr old yorkie. Although he is "potty" trained, he has excitable incontinence.
Meaning, if he gets excited, he "squirts". The belly bands are a perfect solution to the problem!
He is comfortable in them and they look great on him!
I will definitely buy more.... for each season!!
Thank you for your products!!!
Rixceny in Tennessee

July 12, 2013
Thank you. I received the Belly Bands today and they fit perfectly!
The quality of the Belly Bands are excellent.
My senior doggie will be so much more comfortable wearing them.
I will definitely be ordering some more in the near future.
I'm so glad the the proceeds will go towards helping other dogs in need.
Anne in Virginia

July 11,2013
Thank you for your wonderful customer service. Your belly bands have been a God-send for our little Teddy.
He is 11 now and recently had to go on medication for heart disease,
including a diuretic so your product has been great for when we can't be home to let him out.
Thanks again!
Judie in Missouri

July 6, 2013
Thank you so much for the belly bands they arrived yesterday.
Excellent quality!!!! Great job!!
They are for 2 little puppy mill breeders rescued and then adopted by us.
They are doing great...
Sandy in Nebraska

May 31, 2013
So glad to be buying more of your bands...
I am now deep into Schnauzer Rescue...and I am giving all new fosters your bands...
so they are making their way around Florida!
I absolutely adore them – excellent quality and workmanship –
I will promote them wherever possible!!
Corinne in Florida

May 28, 2013
Underdog Rescue MN, my foster Baker (IA hoarder rescue)
sporting his size small 911 Belly Band.
I Love these bands, they're SO much better than the commercial version;
they fit snug with no elastic to bunch or bind the skin,
soft fabric and secure Velcro hold them in place. Stitching is nice, very clean.
I've been hand washing the bands and drip drying,
or throwing into the dryer and they come out like new.
I'll be ordering more so I can send one with adoption (and recommendation).
I also will be ordering the female pants, as I'm sure they'll be as wonderful.
Thanks so much for the wonderful item, and for your animal rescue work.
Kris in Minnesota

May 23, 2013
I have a 8 year male yorkie that had recently started marking EVERYTHING
in my house, when my baby nephew started coming over.
I was at the end of my rope with cleaning up pee!
My belly bands have arrived today and after a few hours
of him adjusting to wearing them it has so far been a great success!
I cannot thank you enough!
I will be ordering more soon.
Tara in Michigan

April 22, 2013
The bands are made so well and fit my dog perfectly.
Thank You
Sharleen in West Virginia

April 14, 2013
I ordered three extra wide belly bands for my senior poodle.
They arrived quickly,I love the material and the stitching is excellent.
They are very well made. In addition, Jan was so helpful prior to my ordering,
helping me to be sure that I would be getting the right size for my dog.
I highly recommend Peke A Tzu Rescue's belly bands!
Carol in Virginia

April 13, 2013
I received the belly bands. Thank you! They are a godsend (and, yes, a "911" item like you say!)
I have had a pet sitting business since 2001. I make visits to pets in their homes and board small dogs in my home,
so the bands are very useful with all the male dogs that board with me!
They are easy to put on, comfortable (with no grabbing elastic like some other bands),
well-made with so many cute patterns and materials to choose from and also very reasonably priced.
And I like that they help support the pupsters!
I will probably be ordering more in the future
and I have told others about them.
I appreciate your organization!
Beth in Michigan

April 12, 2013
Thanks! I received the belly bands today and they are fantastic.
They are very lightweight, comfortable and fit like a glove.
Here's a picture of my foster dog with his new "gear".
Thanks, again!!
Stephanie in Illinois

March 7, 2013
Just wanted to let you know we give the Belly Band 5 stars!
I'm glad I ordered the 5" because our Bichon boy, Kipper, is a little longer than we estimated.
As it turns out, the belly band got here just in time. . . we had been concerned about him "marking" in the house.
But as it turns out, he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection which is probably what started that behavior.
Hopefully, we will have him cleared up soon and will not have to use it every day,
but it sure has been helpful during this time.
Thanks so much for your help and the good rescue work you do!
I volunteer for a local rescue 2 days a week, and I know every penny is precious.
Thanks Again,
Tina in Virginia

February 26, 2013 HelloThere,
I purchased the belly bands for my 9 year boxer.I first ordered 2 now i am ordering 3 more.
They are great, work so well and I have tried several others out there.
My boxer Sam does not mind wearing it. He does not try getting it off
like he did the others I tried. My 5 and 3 year old grandsons have named the belly bands 'Winkie Wrap'.
It is now a common thing in our family.
I love when the boys will come in and love Sam and tell him how much they like his Winkie Wrap.
A Great Big thank you from our home to yours,
Thank You,
Bev in Pennsylvania

February 18, 2013
The belly bands arrived today, and they fit perfectly. I'm so pleased.
I did pick up Poise pads and they work great in them. Thanks for that tip.
I have volunteered at SAINTS Rescue (Senior Animals in Need Today Society), in Mission British Columbia
for 5 yrs now- and I adopted Mac from the shelter a few weeks ago.
He is such a doll - probably 14 or 15 yrs. old, and a cruelty seizure.
I did not even know there was such a thing as a belly band, but they are amazing,
and I don't have to worry about him leaking on furniture, etc.
Anyway, I am enclosing a picture of Mac wearing one of the bands.
Thanks again - so nice to support a rescue.
Brenda in Canada

February 2, 2013
We received Oliver's belly bands today.
We have been buying from you for years.
Yours are the best we have found.
Mandie from Alabama

October 17, 2012
I'd love to submit a comment to your comments page!
And once again, thank you for making such a great product.
"Our male Papillon was a notoriously bad marker and we were getting frustrated.
No matter how many times we took him out or worked with him, he was sneaky
and would a way to mark something that we'd discover later.
The Belly Bands were a godsend for us. We had tried other products that had elastic on the edges,
but it was clear he was uncomfortable. The Belly Bands were a huge change.
They're not only useful and practical, but he doesn't paw or scratch at it.
It's clear he's comfortable, we're happy and I'm so glad we found Belly Bands!"
Thanks Again,
Jackie in Maryland

October 13, 2012
Received all four and simply love them.
I am currently fostering two dogs that have marked their territory all over my home.
The fun part is, I've told them how handsome they are with their belly bands
and they come to me to put them back on after they come in from an outside potty break!
Shirley in Indiana

October 10, 2012
Thanks for the bands. They're perfect for his dripping problem and seem to be very comfortable.
And thanks for the quick turnaround. That was much appreciated.
Attached are some shots of Smokey and his new wardrobe.
Thanks again,
Bob in New York

September 15, 2012
Thanks, Jan!
I appreciate you and the work y'all do. I use the bands particularly for my fosters,
and will occasionally include one with an adoption.
They are the best I've found and I always recommend your site to adopters.
I'll send photos. :)
Jill in Tennessee

August 1, 2012
Your belly bands have been by far the best that I have ever purchased.
I have a little pom/chi mix that has been a persistent marker since I have owned him.
I have had other belly bands that have elastic on the side and they bind and pinch and make him sore.
The bands I purchased before are still in great shape, but since I stopped shaving his fur off, they have become too tight.
You guys have an excellent product and I recommend your bands to everyone
I know that needs them (I am a vet tech, so there are a lot of dogs that need them!)
Thanks again.. and thanks for being a dog rescue.
There are just too many of them out there, and it breaks my heart.
Summer in Washington

July 30, 2012
I bought belly bands for my boys from Peke A Tzu Rescue and absolutely love them.
I (and my son) tried the disposable ones you find at the discount stores and found that they weren't flexible to my needs.
The bands from Peke A Tzu are adorable, reusable,
AND the velcro allows for natural weight ups and downs your little fellow might have from time to time.
I love to take my boys visiting family with me and these bands
have saved a lot of running around worrying they may do a no-no on my family's furniture.
Also, I got A1 service. I made a mistake on size on a personalized order.
Jan had emailed me to let me know the 911 bands I ordered were on their way.
I really didn't think there was anything I could do about the mistake
but I told Jan about it and within 10 minutes,
she replied back to me that she had let the seamstress know of the size change.
So I got the right size after all.

Mr. Pipps & Simon Rogers - Peke  A Tzu Patron

Thanks and I'll order again soon.
Claudia in Georgia

June 12, 2012
Thank you!!!
I have two rescues - a Bichon Frisee who is marker and nervous urinator and a Miniature Schnauzer who,
due to his congestive heart failure (he's 14), takes medicine that makes him urinate excessively.
The Bichon is the reason I found your rescue group and Belly Bands 5 years ago.
I can't begin to tell you what a God send they have been. Keep up the good work!!!
So long as my dogs need them I will be a customer!
Joyce in Illinois

May 27, 2012
Thank you for such great service, and for performing such a great service for rescue.
I am involved in schnauzer rescue in Wisconsin/Northern Illinois.
Your products and your volunteers are wonderful.
Currently, I have an 18-year old male mini schnauzer who is sporting your belly bands.
All the best,
Pam in Wisconsin

May 23, 2012
The belly bands came today, and our Milo looks great in them.
He is a pug and is 15 years young. He was very ill,
(we thought we were going to have to send him to The Bridge) but he pulled through. However, now he dribbles.
These belly bands will come in handy. I know he can't help it, and I know that he hates the fact that this is happening.
Thank You so much for the prompt attention that you gave to this order.
In Pugs & Peace,
Trudy in Pennsylvania

May 22, 2012
Received Charlie Chin's embroidered belly band today and it is perfect.
So adorable.
I am planning to start my own pet sitting and walking business
so I am sure I will be ordering various sizes and patterns in the near future.
I will try to get some pictures of him modeling them.
Pat, Charlie and Abba in California

April 27, 2012
Here is a picture of my dog Brutus wearing one of your belly bands that I bought previously.
He comes to work with me each day at the animal shelter where I work,
so the smell of other dogs is everywhere. And of course, being a boy, he feels the need to mark.
If it wasn't for your belly bands he would not be welcome at work!!
Thank you! We both love them - he loves the fancy styles and I love the
practicality and durability :-)
Belinda in California

April 26, 2012
I received my denim belly bands yesterday and am using them today.
They are WONDERFULl! I was so dissatisfied with commercially made bands
which did not fit my boys properly and had elastic that cut into them
that I tried to devise my own belly bands. Those were better than those
I had previously bought but not nearly as comfortable and effective as
yours. After visiting your website and reading your philosophy,
I figured you had lots of experience and would have a good product that
was both comfortable and effective. I have 4 small boys who squirt at
times. All are rescues. A dachshund, a shnoodle, a min pin chi, and a
spaniel chi. Your belly bands fit each dog just right even though their
body types differ. I also have 5 other dogs 4 of which are rescues who
do not squirt. Many of my companions are seniors or have special needs.
All the dogs get along great with each other and also with my 2 rescue
kitties. I volunteer at the county animal control and since they trust
me I have been able to foster quite a few dogs and find them good
homes. I plan to expand my efforts to include education and tips to
promote dog retention. I will definitely send people to you for belly
bands. Some people don't know about them and give up their dog for
marking behavior. Between caring for my companions, my family, my
volunteer work at the shelter and my job I am super busy. So I really
appreciate an effective reasonably priced product such as yours. The
fact that the proceeds go to rescue is great! Thank you so much for the
work you do. I will send pics of my guys wearing the belly bands soon.
Susanne in Maryland

April 13, 2012
I just wanted to get back to you and say what really
great belly bands these are that I ordered for my dogs.
They are made really well and are lasting great through washings.
The cute patterns are a plus.
These are so much better quality than I have seen in stores.
Thanks so much,
Joan in Maine

April 11, 2012
Thank you very much for making these lovely bands for my little boy, they fit perfectly!!!!
The material is such good quality and I love the colors, they are exactly what is advertised on the site!!!
Will order more in future and show my friends with furkids,
maybe they would like to order on your site too!!!
Thanks again!!!
Iris in Hong Kong

March 10, 2012
I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the belly bands we purchased.
I couldn't believe how fast we got them? Our little Draco gets SO excited when he sees me getting his band ready
to put on him and he slips right into it, tail-a-waggin'!
Thanks so much for making such a quality product,
and for the rescue efforts that you're involved in.
Angie & Draco in New Hampshire

February 9, 2012
I received my belly bands in the mail today, and they're wonderful!
They seem very sturdy and they're adorable!
My new foster is arriving on Sunday... and he's not housebroken.
I'm thrilled that your belly bands arrived so quickly!! Thank you very much. I'll send photos, too!!
Debbie in New York

February 8, 2012
Thank you!
More power to you and your worthy cause!
My black pug Benny thanks you for his fashionable 'pants'.
If my chairs' legs could talk they'd thank you too! LOL!
Cathy in Pennsylvania

February 4, 2012
Received the second order of belly bands - thanks for the speedy shipment.
I have a 9 year old Shih Tzu who has always worn store bought bands.
I couldn't find any small enough for my new little guy, Tuffy (Shih Tzu - Yorkie mix).
These extra small ones are great! They're so cute, I ordered a couple for my big boy, Biscuit.
Glad I found your product when I Googled Belly Bands.
Glad it's for a good cause too.
Susan in Texas

January 24, 2012
I have been so pleased with these belly bands.
I forwarded your link to my cousin Melanie so that she can order some for her two boys.
Our 6 year old grandson noticed Winston wearing the belly band
and said, "Hey, that dog is wearing pants!"
Thanks again!
Virginia in Maryland

January 15, 2012
Thanks so much, Jan. We would be lost without your belly bands!
Also, we've asked William, and he would be thrilled to pose for your website. (We call them "man bands" in his presence.)
I'll send a photo next week.
Thanks for all you do. We have fostered many abused and previously
unplaceable dogs, so have a genuine apprecation for your rescue efforts!
All the best,
Andrea in Washington

January 12, 2012
We received the ARF belly band yesterday and the custom embroidered belly band today.
The quality on both is excellent.
Thank you very much.
Barry & Jessica in New York

January 4, 2012
I love your belly bands!!!
They are so superior to the ones they sell in the store.
Thanks so much for offering such a quality product.
Arlene in Ohio

January 2, 2012
Thank you for the quick shipment! They are perfect as always!
Darcy in Illinois

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