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Peke A Tzu Rescue


As of September 14, 2004 we were officially approved as a Non-Profit organization exempt under
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Rescue is about the good, the bad, the ugly , the old, the deaf, and the blind. Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut who stood its' ground. Those who can, do. Those who can't, Donate.

One Time Donation
through Paypal

All donations are welcomed and can be paid through PayPal or sent directly to our postal address below. 100% of all donations are applied to our vet fund.
We also joyfully accept donations in the form of harnesses, leashes, sweaters and other doggie related items.

Automatic Monthly Donation
through Paypal

If you would like your donation automatically paid via Paypal please choose your monthly donation through the drop down menu and then click on the Paypal button below. Paypal accepts all major credit cards.
Many of our supporters prefer this option.

Donation Options

Sponsorship Auto Monthly Renewal
If you are currently sponsoring one of our precious fosters, and would like to have your monthly sponsorship automatically paid via Paypal, please click on the Paypal button below.

Peke A Tzu Rescue
PO Box 1
Trufant, MI  49347
Phone: 616.984.6292
Calls Accepted: 8 pm to 11 pm EST only
Email info@pekeatzurescue.com

Peke A Tzu Rescue would like to thank all that have helped our rescue rather it be via donations, sponsorship, online gift shop purchases, fostering, transporting, home visits, adopting, processing paperwork or any other service that has helped the pupsters. If you have contributed and we have missed you on our list please let us know so that we can acknowledge your kindness.
We are grateful to have found wonderful vets with caring staffs and would like to thank the following:
Howard City Veterinary Services in Howard City, Michigan
Cedar Animal Hospital in Cedar Springs, Michigan
We would also like to thank Erin Fontana for the beautiful logo that she specially designed for Peke A Tzu Rescue.

PATR gets a penny for every search you do! Click on Goodsearch above and type in Peke A Tzu Rescue as your charity. Save the link to use as your Search Engine.

Shop online through Goodshop at your favorite online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Walmart, PetsMart, Target, Macy's, Nordstrom & many more. By using the link below

you can list Peke A Tzu Rescue as your charity and up to 30% of your total purchase will be donated to our rescue.

Another great way to help with the pupsters vetting costs is through our Magazine Fundraiser. 40% of your purchase will help the pupsters.
Just click on the link below if you are interested in ordering your favorite magazine.

Magazine Subscription
Fundraiser 40% for the Dogs

In life, there is always someone that touches our heart and becomes a part of us forever. You can honor special congratulatory occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings by making a donation in tribute to your special person or furbaby. You can also make a donation in memory of those that you love - your family, your friends and your pets. Please indicate in the paypal comment section your tribute or memorial.

We would like to acknowledge the following tribute and memorial donations from December 2020 through December 2021:

Jim and Marilyn Armstrong in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

James Barber in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Al and Paula Burnie in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Chaput Home Inspection in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Paul and Debbi Crowley in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Stephen Davis in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Robert Dostal in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Charles and Stellamarie Friedel in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Maggie Gaffney in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Evelyn Garris in celebration of her Dad Don's birthday.

Rose Ann Giannelli in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Amy Griffin in memory of her beloved Shih Tzu Cammie.

Barbara Hoadley in celebration of Barb Seal's birthday.

Karen Hoyt in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Debbie Johnston in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Pat and Chris Kiely in memory of our beloved Shih Tzu Candice.

Linda Lalli in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Ron and Elissa Lundy in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

The Lys Family with love and in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Janis McKeachie in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Harry and Toni Minniear in memory of Judy Davidson.

Bob and Janice Morgan in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Carolyn Pedley in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Wayne and Paula Prewett in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Doris Pruitt in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Bill and Betty Romsek in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

John Sheldon in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Merry Christmas from Tim Simmons in memory of his sweet Conley.

Lorraine Smith in memory of her Mother Adeline.

Mary Smith in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

David and Toni Stevenson in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Shawn Tenney in memory of Judy Davidson.

Ken and Marole Wainright in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Carolyn Weakland in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

Nancy Wright in memory of Nancy Gaffney.

We would like to recognize the following people for their kindness and donations to Peke A Tzu Rescue from December 2020 through December 2021:

Susan Agee
Nita Andrews
Debbie Banda
Elizabeth Baptiste
Melanie Barnes
Mary Lou Berndt
Fred and Marcey Bernstein
Thomas Bignall
Christine Bilkey
Joann Blunt
Barbara Boersma
Marsha Booker
Sharon Bradt
Katherine Brooks
Eileen Burr
Ingeborg Bryce
Dan and Petra Charbonneau
Jeff and Jane Chubb
Sarah Smith-Clark and Nathan Clark
Paul Cook
Linda Danner
Patsy Dillard
Tara Dombroske
Kentisha Dunn
Pam Eddy
Melissa Ekmark
Wendy Elvendahl
John Espina
Pat Eutsey
SkyHawk Fadigan
Donna Farmer
Pam Fenno
Jerris Finkbeiner
Rick Finkbeiner
Sara Fletcher
Allison Foyer
Vicki Garvey
Joe and Nancy Gaffney
Scott & Brenda Givens
Amanda Goodblood
Kathy Goodwin
Elaine Griffin
May Hattie
Kurt Helgerson
Philip Helgerson
Howard City Veterinary Services
Kelsey Hubbard
James Hunt
Jean Iovino
Kelly Johnson
Kim Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Marcia King
Sandee Knight
Connie Kramer
Marg Krass
Chris Lakatos
Brian and Laurie Lechlitner
Rowan Leigh
Deb Lowe
Lindell Lyle
Judy Manning
Lydia Meade
Lynda Meade
Cheryl Medvetsky
Harry & Toni Minniear
Kim Morris
Adele Morris
Sandee Morris
Roslyn Morrissey
Linda Moy
Dolores Oakley
Tracy Ostaszewski
Gary and Erika Osterloo
Kim Panazzo
Rose Parrish
Pam Polan
Jennifer Porman
Judy Portesy
Kristin Putney
Vera Rodriguez
Anne Rolecki
Mark and Stephane Rundell
Nancy Salar
Miranda Sanchez
Kayleigh Scalzo
Eileen Scheibach
Hildegard Schneider
Cary and Barbara Seal
Melissa Seidel
Melissa Sevilla
Susan Shedivy
Lynn Rowland Shirtz
Stacey Sikorski
Kakki Smith
Suzanne Timm Smith
Christina Talu
Shawn Tenney
Joan Thomas
Doug and Vicki Turner
Diane Kurass Walter
Julie Wendel
Larry and Sandy Zock

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