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Peke A Tzu Rescue Haven
Senior and Special Needs

Peke A Tzu Rescue is devoted to helping all babies in need, but our hearts belong to those that need us the most…the physical and mentally challenged and the seniors. We pray every day that there is someone out there for these special babies that will take them into their hearts and homes. Until that special home comes along they are part of our family and we love them dearly. We also know when we commit to these babies that they may be here with us for the rest of their lives. We offer the sanctuary and love that they need and in return they fill our lives with joy. We feel blessed to have these babies in our home to snuggle and love and will continue to devote our lives to those that need us the most.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine for the majority of your life being enclosed in a small cage in a dark, damp room, only valued for your body and what it can produce for the financial gain of your keeper. Then imagine living with a family your entire life and suddenly you are of no worth because you have grown older. Don't open your eyes yet! You have more to experience. How would you feel if your were blind, lost an eye or were mentally challenged and labeled as worthless? What would you do when you are suddenly in a strange place facing death? OK, you can open your eyes now and we hope this brief imaginary glimpse into the lives of those we love the most has inspired you to reach out and help.

Our society has evolved into a throw away society.
In with the new, out with the old!
Damaged goods...just throw them away...no need to repair...just buy new.
Every day we see this mental logic being applied to animals and it is so sad. Our pet community is being abused on a daily basis and many leave this earth prematurely because they are considered "worthless".

True rescue is helping those in need. Not just the young, but the seniors and special needs. This is a huge commitment not only emotionally, but financially on the part of the rescue. Sadly, many rescues will only help the highly adoptable pets in need for they will not commit to the financial responsibility of caring for those that are a long term commitment. When you come upon a rescue that posts how many pets they adopt per year and are impressed by those numbers take into consideration how many of those animals are babies and young adults.

Many question the adoption fee for our seniors and special needs feeling it would be more likely the dog would find their Forever Home if the adoption fee is less . If the adopter does not have the financial resources to pay our adoption fee how can they afford to vet the adopted dog? Our love and commitment is not just for the dog while they are within our care, but extends into their future as well. We did not know because you grow old or have a disability you are of less value. Do we view ourselves in that manner? When we grow old are we of less value? Those that have not been owned by a senior or special needs baby have missed out on one of the most pleasurable experiences they could ever have in their lifetime.

A wonderful way for those of you that maintain a lifestyle that prohibits you from physically helping these sweet kids is through sponsorship. It costs over $75.00 per month to vet, groom and feed each of our Haven Babies. Your name and location will be noted under the dog you have chosen to sponsor. You will be kept updated on a monthly basis as to how your “Haven Baby” is progressing. Sponsoring one of our Haven Babies is very fulfilling for you will be able to follow their progress as they heal emotionally and physically, grow to trust and continue to search for their Special Home that they so deserve.

Our Haven babies only ask for a monthly commitment on your part of $25.00. They are hoping you can give up a cup of coffee per day, choose not to eat out at the fast food restaurant once a week, skip that Snickers bar once a day or pass by all of those chips during the week and use that savings to sponsor one of them.
Won't you please help by sponsoring one of our sweet babies by clicking on the links below.

Haven Girls

Haven Boys

"Peke A Tzu Haven is where we want to be,
Everyone here is so happy and carefree."

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