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Peke A Tzu Rescue
Pupster Rehab

Please meet our precious babies in our Rehab Program below.

Peke A Tzu Rescue provides a loving, caring environment for all of those that arrive. We do not place quickly, but very carefully. We keep the babies with us until we are confident they are truly ready for their Forever Home.

We do not have additional information at this time on these babies other than the information we have provided below. It takes 4-6 weeks minimum to evaluate and have some idea of the temperament and needs of our rehab babies.

When the dogs come through our door they are part of our family - what is ours is theirs. They are never crated or kenneled, but are welcomed to our couches and beds with open arms. We immediately address any health issues and all are brought up to date on shots, heartworm tested and spayed/neutered. Then the most heart wrenching care begins. To let them know that they are loved and wanted, that each in their own are very special, to put light back in their eyes, to teach them to trust a human again. There is no better feeling than to see one of these babies take little steps toward being once again, a healthy, happy, loving being. The greatest reward is that first kiss, seeing the tail wagging, having beautiful eyes looking at you with total trust. This is what rescue is all about - loving, nurturing and helping these wonderful creatures become whole once again.

We are very passionate about all of our babies. When you first hold these kids in your arms the tears flow. Even though many are matted, starved, flea covered, teeth rotting, eyes running they still have enough energy to look at you with eyes full of hope. That first soft touch and “I Love You” in that soft fuzzy ear begins the healing process.

A wonderful way for those of you that maintain a lifestyle that prohibits you from physically helping these sweet kids is through sponsorship. It costs over $75.00 per month to vet, groom and feed each of our babies. Your name and location will be noted under the dog you have chosen to sponsor. You will be kept updated on a monthly basis as to how your baby is progressing. Sponsoring one of our babies is very fulfilling for you will be able to follow their progress as they heal emotionally and physically, grow to trust and prepare themselves for the Forever Home that they so deserve.

Our babies only ask for a monthly commitment on your part of $25.00. They are hoping you can give up a cup of coffee per day, choose not to eat out at the fast food restaurant once a week, skip that Snickers bar once a day or pass by all of those chips during the week and use that savings to sponsor one of them.
Won't you please help by sponsoring one of our sweet babies by clicking on the sponsor links below.

Owner Surrender

Twelve year old Poodle Shih Tzu girl.
Treating severe skin issue and awaiting full vetting.
Total vet costs can be seen at Foster Vetting Costs.

We appreciate Jean Iovino of California for lovingly sponsoring Boogie.

Owner Surrender

Twelve year old Shih Tzu Mix girl.
Treating severe skin issue and awaiting full vetting.
Total vet costs can be seen at Foster Vetting Costs.

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