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Katie (Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2022. Katie was a retired breeder. Katie had fear issues and we devoted our time with her to letting her know that she was loved and was safe. Gradually she responded to our love and her beautiful personality emerged. We know she will continue on her road to emotional recovery with her Mom and Dad.
KatieMom & Dad Laurie and Donald
Katie adores her Forever Mom & Dad Laurie and Donald in Michigan.

Marlow (fka Deuce Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in December 2022. Marlo was turned over to us by his breeder due to kennel down sizing. He was such a happy little boy and full of boundless energy. He definitely kept us on our toes trying to keep up with him. He was a little love bug and enjoyed being held as much as possible.
MarlowMom & Dad Pam and Dan
Marlow loves his new home with his Forever Mom & Dad Pam and Dan and enjoys his pupster sisters and brother Mimzy, Pixie and Finnegan in Michigan.

Harley (Pekingese) joined us in August 2022. Maxim (Pekingese) joined us in October 2022. Both were retired breeders. Maxim was a layed back quiet little guy who loved his belly rubs and ear scratches. Harley was a very independent boy with lots of personality and sometimes a lot of attitude. Both were lap kids and just loved to be loved.
Mom & Dad Deborah and Robert
Harley and Maxim are enjoying lots of nice sunny weather with their Forever Mom & Dad Deborah and Robert and pupster sissy Lili in Arizona.

Lilly (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in December 2022. Lilly was a retired breeder.She was such a sweet, beautiful little girl. She wanted nothing more than to be held close. She would have stayed in our arms all day if we would have let her. She got most anything she wanted. We just couldn't resist that sweet little face.
LillyMom & Dad Roxanne and Eric
Lilly has her Forever Mom & Dad Roxann and Eric wrapped right around her little paws and is settling in with her feline siblings Allie and Kendall in Michigan.

Rudy (fka Levi Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2022. Rudy was turned over to PATR due to blue recessive genes which results in hair loss. He was just packed full of love and kisses. He loved to have his little belly rubbed and rewarded us with his wonderful sweet kisses. He is definitely missed.
RudyMom & Dad Jennifer and Rick
Rudy is enjoying life to the fullest with his Forever Mom & Dad Jennifer and Rick in Michigan.

Bilbo (fka Brando Shih Tzu) and Willie (fka Marlon Shih Tzu joined us in April 2022. Bilbo had an umbilical hernia and Willie had a deformed left eye that had to be removed so the breeder turned them over to PATR. They were with us for quite some time until they could be neutered. We loved both of them so much and they filled our lives with so much joy. They could wear us out with all of their energy but made up for it with their sweet kisses.
Mom & Dad Michelle and AaronMom & Dad Michelle and Aaron
Bilbo and Willie are definitely keeping their Forever Mom & Dad Michelle and Aaron busy in Michigan.

Stanley (fka SKIPPER Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2022. Stanley was turned over by his breeder due to kennel downsizing. He was an absolutely amazing little boy just packed full of so much love. His favorite spot was our laps and we willingly accomodated him whenever he needed us. We shall miss his sweet kisses and gentle personality.
StanleyMom Kim
Stanley is head over heels in love with his Mom Kim and has joined our Sydney in Illinois.

Chewy (Pekingese) joined us in September 2022. Etta (Pekingese) joined us in October 2022. Chewy's Mom had to go into assisted living so she chose to place him in our care. He was such a sweet little man and such a handsome boy. Etta's Mom also became ill so she became part of the PATR crew. Etta was a shy, but loving little girl. Chewy and Etta had the wonderful Pekey personality and that lovely little Pekey waddle. Both were senior babies and we are thrilled they found a home together.
Mom Sandee
Chewy and Etta are filling their Forever Mom Sandee's life with so much love in Michigan.

CeeCee (Pekingese) joined us in October 2022. CeeCee's Mom became ill and could no longer care for her. CeeCee was a quiet little girl and so very sweet. She enjoyed all of the attention she could get. When she looked up at us with those big beautiful eyes she ended up getting whatever she wanted.
CeeCeeMom & Dad Judy and Guy
CeeCee is enjoying life with her Forever Mom & Dad Judy & Guy in Minnesota.

Bailey (fka WHITNEY Shih Tzu) joined us in April 2022. Bailey joined PATR when her breeder had to downsize her kennels. She was a sweet little girl full of lots and lots of energy. She was in the lead for the Shih Tzu Blitz and definitely kept us on our toes at all times. When she finally tired out she would crawl into our laps, give us some sweet kisses, and go sound asleep.
WhitneyMom Terry
Bailey is keeping her Mom Terry very, very busy and loves her pupster siblings Buddy and Bella in Michigan.

Mei Hsui (fka MARIAH Shih Tzu/Pekingese Mix) joined us in October 2022. Mei Hsui was turned over by her breeder due to an umbilical hernia. She was an absolute little doll and was just packed full of energy. None of us could say no to her. She would look up at us with those big eyes and we just melted.
Mei HsuiMom & Dad Debbie and Kelly
Mei Hsui has fallen in love with her Forever Mom & Dad Debbie & Kelly and enjoys her three feline sisters in Michigan.

Gilligan (Shih Tzu) joined us in January 2023. Gilligan joined us due to his breeder downsizing the kennels. He was an absolutely amazing little guy. Gilligan was always happy and had the happiest tail we had ever seen. He loved to be held and cuddled and his kisses were numerous.
GilliganMom & Dad Kenda and Jeff
Gilligan is filling his Forever Mom & Dad Kenda & Jeff's lives with so much love in Michigan.

Nixie (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2021. Nixie was a retired breeder. She arrived very, very shy and spent over a year with us as we worked through her fears. As we say here "Love conquers all". Sometimes it just takes longer than expected. Nixie left us with a few issues to still work through, but with a lot of confidence. We are so proud of her.
NixieMom & Dad Kenda and Jeff
Nixie is so loved by her Forever Mom & Dad Laura and Robert and is enjoying her Yorkie sister Bella in Michigan.

Jolene (Shih Tzu) joined us in August 2023. Her owner was ill and could no longer care for her. Jolene was an angel and we could tell she had been well loved. She loved romping and playing with all of the babies. She had the sweetest personality and would cover us in her sweet kisses.
JoleneMom & Dad Katy and Andy
Jolene adores her Forever Mom & Dad Katy and Andy and loves snuggling with her pupster sister Gilly in Michigan.

Toby (Shih Tzu) joined us in April 2023. Toby's Mom had health issues plus her boyfriend did not want Toby anymore. Toby was such a loving little boy and we felt privileged to have him in our care. He was an amazing little boy and we are thrilled he has found such a wonderful home.
TobyMom Marcy
Toby is sharing lots of his sweet kisses with his Mom Marcy in Michigan.

Zany (Shih Tzu) joined us in June 2022. Zany was a retired breeder and was a fear biter. A baby like Zany needs lots and lots of patience. We just gave her space and time. Little by little she became more comfortable and the biting became less frequent. She was with us for a year and two months. Her Mom was familiar with emotional issues like Zany's and we were comfortable adopting to her knowing she would continue with Zany's emotional rehabilitation. Zany is doing wonderfully in her home and we are so proud of her.
ZanyMom Patty
Zany has settled in and loves her home with her Mom Patty and pupster sister Lulu in Tennessee.

Heidi (Shih Tzu) joined us in January 2022. Heidi was a retired breeder. Heidi was a sweetie, but was very alpha and did not get along with the other pupsters. We began working with her and teaching her that her behavior was inappropriate. Gradually she realized that playing with the other pupsters was much more fun than bossing them around. She left us a very happy, loving baby.
HeidiMom Marcey
Heidi has her Mom and Dad Marcey and Fred wrapped right around her little paws and loves snuggling with her pupster brother Hank in llinois.

Chancey and Chase (Pekingese Shih Tzu Mix) joined us in December 2022. Their Mom (who was pregnant) with 6 other Pekingese were turned over by their owner due to health reasons. Chancey and Chase were an absolute joy from the day they were born. They grew into wonderful, loving little boys who kept us very occupied! They were busy, busy, busy.
Mom Candice
Chancey and Chase are definitely keeping their Forever Mom Candice very busy in Michigan.

Elsa (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in February 2023. Elsa had a growth on her head and her owner could not afford to have surgery and was considering euthanizing her. We received a call to help and Elsa joined our crew. We immediately met her surgery needs and the growth was not malignant thank goodness. She was a loving little girl and we enjoyed having her here with us.
ElsaMom Mary
Elsa has filled a huge void in her Mom Mary's life and is loved beyond measure in Michigan.

Mario (Shih Tzu) joined us in November 2022. His breeder turned him over to PATR because he had deformed joints in his front legs. Coco (Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2023 due to kennel downsizing by his breeder. Both of the boys were absolute lovers. They gave the best kisses ever and their favorite spot was our lap. We are so happy they found a home together because they were great buddies here.
Mom and Dad Ela and Dan
Coco and Mario have their Forever Mom & Dad Ela and Dan wrapped right around their little paws in Illinois.

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