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Happy (Shih Tzu) joined us in November 2018. Happy's Dad was working long hours and did not have the time to spend with Happy so she joined PATR. Her name fit her well. She woke up with her tail wagging and went to sleep with her tail wagging. She was so loving and her favorite place was our laps. We will miss her sweet kisses.
HappyMom & Dad Teresa & Rick
Happy is being lavished with love by her Forever Mom & Dad Teresa and Rick in Michigan.

Vincent (fka Frisco Poodle) joined us in October 2013. One of our adopter's in California was volunteering at a shelter. Frisco had been adopted and returned a few times due to nipping. He was facing euthanization. Our adopter could not bare the thought of seeing him taken from this world so she flew him to us. He was such a sweet little boy and not once did he exhibit any kind of aggression. We grew to love him so. We are thrilled he has finally found his home.
VincentMom Holly
Vincent has found true love with his Forever Mom Holly in Michigan.

Diva (fka Camilla Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2018. Diva was a retired breeder. She was so shy and withdrawn when she first arrived. She would run from us whenever approached. We did not begin our search for a home for her for quite some time. Patience and love eventually brought her out of her shell and she gradually began to trust us. Once she knew she was safe she became quite the little clown. We adored her!
DivaMom Jerris
Diva is settling in with her Forever Mom Jerris and Uncle Rick and has joined our sweet pupster Baby in Michigan.

Higgins (Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2018. Higgins had retired from the breeding world. He was a bit shy when he first arrived, but it didn't take him long to get comfortable. He had a great time with the other pupsters and he loved to be held and cuddled. What a sweet little boy!
HigginsMom & Dad Mary and Todd
Higgins is enjoying his new life with his Forever Mom & Dad Mary and Todd in Michigan.

Carleigh (Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2018. Carleigh was a retired breeder. She was the most loving cuddliest little girl and gave the best kisses ever. She was so gentle and loving and we are going to miss her so much.
CarleighMom & Dad Jackie and Harold
Carleigh is filling her Forever Mom & Dad Jackie and Harold's life with joy in Michigan.

Frida (fka JULISSA Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2018. Julissa was a very shy girl when she first arrived. With lots of patience and love she knew she was safe. When her personality emerged it was amazing. She was so curious about life and quite the character. She certainly livened things up here!
FridaMom & Dad Alejandra and Carlos
Frida has definitely livened up her Forever Mom & Dad Alejandra and Carlos's life and loves her pupster brother Nacho in Michigan.

Abbie (Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2018. Abbie was a retired breeder. The minute we saw her we fell in love. She was such a sweet, gentle little soul. As time passed she began to trust all around her. Her favorite past time was throwing toys in the air...it was so much fun to watch her. We shall miss her sweet kisses.
AbbieMom & Dad Erika and Gary
Abbie is enjoying her lap time with her Forever Mom & Dad Erika and Gary and loves her pupster sister and brother Treasure and Okie in Indiana.

Sylvie (Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2018. Sylvie had retired from the breeding world. What an absolutely adorable little girl. She did have a mind of her own and considered herself the Queen of the Pupsters. She wanted nothing more than being in our laps as much as possible and gave such wonderful kisses.
SylvieMom & Dad Karmen and Jim
Sylvie is enjoying all of the attention from her Forever Mom & Dad Karmen & Jim in Canada.

Penelope (Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2018. Penelope had retired from the breeding world. She arrived very, very shy, afraid of quick movement and was terrified of men. Once she felt she was safe she began to romp and play with the other pupsters. She was such a beautiful sweet little girl. We shall miss her!
PenelopeMom Julie
Penelope loves her Forever Mom Julie and is enjoying the company of her pupster brother Eddie in Ohio.

Kisses (Shih Tzu) joined us in June 2018. Kisses was a retired breeder. She was a challenge for she was so shy. If you moved too fast, if there was any noise she would bolt. When you put her food down for her it had to be done very carefully and she would still blink her little eyes in fear. She left us much more confident in herself and we know her Mom will complete the healing process through lots and lots of love.
KissesMom Gina
Kisses has her Forever Mom Gina all to herself and is lovin' it in Michigan.

Cashew (Shih Tzu Terrier Mix) joined us in December 2018. Cashew's Mom and Dad experienced some health issues and just did not have the time for him. He was so darn cute we couldn't ever say no to him. He loved everyone he met and was quite the character. Cashew had us wrapped right around his little paws.
CashewDad Igor
Cashew's Dad Igor will make sure he becomes famous in New York.

Megan (fka Gayla Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2018. Megan was a retired breeder. She was a shy little girl at first, but it didn't take her long to get comfortable. She had such a sweet disposition and was so loving. As with many of our fosters she had us wrapped right around her little paws.
MeganMom Susan
Megan has won her Mom Susan's heart and is enjoying her pupster sisters and brothers Sidney, Shadow, Timmy and Pepper. She also thinks her feline siblings Simba and Stubby are great. She love her new state Wisconsin.

Banji (Shih Tzu) joined us in May 2019. Banji was going to be a breeder, but he would not perform. Banji was your typical happy, loving and very busy puppy. We so enjoyed his antics and he surely kept us on our toes! BanjiMom & Dad Susan and Jim
Banji enoys being the one and only and loves his Forever Mom & Dad Susan and Jim in Michigan.

Tucker (Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2019. Tucker was a retired breeder. He is a very special guy. During his surgery for a routine neuter procedure his heart stopped and we nearly lost him. Thanks to our wonderful vet he survived. Tests were done and he had a heart condition where his little heart did not beat normally. His condition will need to be monitored on a regular basis and we are hoping he will have a long life. He was so sweet and lovable and definitely captured our hearts.
TuckerDad Keith
Tucker has his Dad Keith wrapped right around his little paws and he and his pupster brother Cooper are best friends in Indiana.


Panda and Pickles (Shih Tzu Mixes) joined us in June 2019. They were found as strays by a neighbor nearby. She gave us a ring and we took them in. Attempts were made to locate their owners with no response so they became part of the PATR gang. Both were amazing little boys. So sweet and cuddly. They were busy little boys and definitely kept us busy.
Mom & Dad Rose & Richard
Panda and Pickles are certainly keeping their Forever Mom & Dad Rose and Richard busy and love their pupster and sister Moka & Hannah in Michigan.

Vince (Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2018. He was turned over by his owner due to agression issues. We worked with him for quite some time and he overcame his aggressiveness. He loved his toys and was a sweet, sweet little boy.
Skylar(Bichon Shih Tzu Mix) joined us in May 2019. She was a retired breeder. Skylar was a little doll baby and so loving. Both will be missed.
Mom & Dad Pat and Joseph
Vince and Skylar adore their Forever Mom & Dad Pat and Joseph in Michigan.

Prizzy (Pekingese) joined us in May 2015. Prizzy was found as a stray and a veterinarian took her in so she would not go through the stress of being placed in a shelter. Prizzy was blind in one eye, but it did not slow her down at all. She was a very sweet little Pekey girl and gave the best kisses ever. We adored her!
PrizzyDad Paul
Prizzy loves her Forever Mom & Dad Dana and Paul and enjoys her pupster sister Ruby in Michigan.

Ainsley (Shih Tzu) joined us in May 2019. Ainsley was a retired breeder. She arrived a bit shy, but it didn't take long for her bubbly, happy personality to emerge. She was an absolute joy and so much fun. What a sweet, sweet little girl. AinsleyMom & Dad Lora and Rod
Ainsley adores her Forever Mom & Dad Lora and Rod and is enjoying her sister Scarlett in Michigan.

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