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Georgie (Shih Tzu/Poodle) joined us in March 2020. Georgie was turned over to PATR due to a history of biting behavior and his owners were seriously considering euthanization. Thank goodness the owners chose to give Georgie a chance by placing him in our care. We found Georgie to be a loving, sweet little boy with a very strong personality. We worked with him for nearly a year before we felt he was ready to find his home. We miss his extra special lovin'.
GeorgieMom & Dad Mike & April
Georgie is being a very good boy and loves his Forever Mom & Dad April and Mike, enjoys being in his human brother Michael's arms and is enjoying his pupster brother Barney in Michigan.

Teddy (FKA CASH Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2021. Teddy was a little breeder boy, but he was not productive so the breeder transferred him to our care. God was very, very generous and packed our Teddy full of lots and lots of energized bunnies. He was a busy, busy little boy. He was such a sweet little man and we loved having him here with us.
TeddyMom & Dad Cherie & Scott
Teddy is keeping his Forever Mom & Dad Cherie and Scott very busy and loves cuddling with his pupster sister Cinderella in Michigan.

Gizmo (Japanese Chin) joined us in March 2021. Gizmo's owner had to go into assisted living and he went to live with a family member. They had a larger breed dog. Gizmo and the larger dog had a confrontation and Gizmo's eye was damaged. The family member was going to have him euthanized because they could not afford surgery for the eye. Thank goodness the tech stepped in and found a foster for him. Gizmo did not get along with the children in the house nor their other dog so he came to us. Gizmo did not care for other dogs and we worked with him on this. Other than his dislike for the dogs he was a delightful, happy little boy. He had an amazing, loving personality and he surely won our hearts.
GizmoMom & Dad Katrina and Rian
Gizmo's Forever Mom & Dad Katrina and Rian absolutely adore him in Michigan.

Tinky (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in December 2019. Tinky was a senior baby and her Mom went into assisted living. Her Mom's caretaker took Tinky into her home to help, but Tinky started nipping the children so she joined us. She missed her Mom so much, but it was evident that she had been very loved. Tinky would flip over for a belly rub in a minute and absolutely loved being held and cuddled. We are so happy she found a wonderful home.
GizmoMom  Rene
Tinky has climbed right into her Forever Mom Rene's heart in Michigan.

Samantha (Shih Tzu) joined us in April 2021. Samantha suffered from inguinal and groin hernias so her breeder turned her over to PATR. She was quite the little character and was one busy little girl. She loved the other pupsters here and was the best cuddler ever. We shall miss her exuberance for life.
SamanthaMom & Dad Cherie & Scott
Samantha adores her Forever Mom & Dad Susan and William in Arizona.

Simon (Silky Terrier) joined us in July 2021. Simon was having aggression and other behavioral issues in his home. We received a call for help and Simon joined us. We began to evaluate him and came up with some things we knew would work for him. Gradually he began to respond and today is a sweet, happy, loving little boy and adores his Mom and Dad.
SimonMom & Dad Linda and Kevin
Simon is enjoying being the one and only with his Forever Mom & Dad Linda and Kevin in Michigan.

Paisley (Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2021. Paisley was a retired breeder. She was quite the little girl. She was so loving and would have stayed in our laps all day long if allowed. She loved sharing blueberries with her Unkie Bruce. Paisley enjoyed the other pupsters, but was more into her humans. She would look at us with her beautiful eyes and our hearts would melt.
PaisleyMom  Lori
Paisley has her Forever Mom Lori wrapped right around her little paws in Indiana.

Chula ( fka PETULA Shih Tzu/Yorkie Mix) joined us in July 2021. Chula joined us due to kennel downsizing. Whew, was she a handful. Very loving little girl, but busy, busy, busy. We tired just watching her. We looked forward to bedtime with her for she would snuggle right in making sure she got lots of rest to begin her next day. What a little doll baby!
PetulaMom  Jane
Chula is keeping her Forever Mom Jane very busy in North Carolina.

Zack (Pekingese) joined us in June 2021. Zack was turned over by his breeder along with his brother Clyde due to some medical issues which were addressed when he was 6 months old. He was such a sweet loving little boy. He loved the other pupsters and was normally in the lead for the famous "Pupster Blitz". We will miss him!
ZackMom Kathy
Zack loves his Forever Mom Kathy and is enjoying our Culley's company in Michigan.

Piper (fka DEEDEE Shih Tzu) joined us in July 2021. Piper was turned over by her breeder due to kennel downsizing. Piper was a very busy little girl and was packed full of love. She loved to be held and cuddled and gave the best kisses ever!
PiperMom Pamela
Piper has joined our Coco and thinks her brother Mulligan is the best brother ever and is showering her Mom Pamela with kisses in Michigan.

Jazzy (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2021. Jazzy was a retired breeder. She was a very shy little girl but so sweet. She captured our hearts immediately. She gradually got comfortable and we so enjoyed her company. She will be missed.
JazzyMom & Dad Vicki and Doug
Jazzy is giving all of her love to her Forever Mom & Dad Vicki and Doug in Michigan.

Elizabeth (Shih Tzu) joined us in November 2021. She was too small for breeding so her breeder turned her over to PATR. Elizabeth was packed full of energy and one busy little girl. She was the kissiest little girl and we adored her. She loved to romp and play with the other pupsters and usually was the leader of the "Shih Tzu Blitz".
ElizabethMom & Dad Kristin and Robert
Elizabeth is keeping her Forever Mom & Dad Kristin and Robert busy and has joined our Henry (fka Copper) in Michigan.

Ollie (FKA CLYDE Pekingese) joined us in June 2021. Ollie was turned over by his breeder along with his brother Zack due to some medical issues which were addressed when he was 6 months old. What a wonderful little boy he was! Ollie was packed full of love and fantastic Pekey kisses. He was such a happy little boy and we sure do miss him.
OllieMom & Dad Jane and Jeff
Ollie adores his Forever Mom & Dad Jane and Jeff and is enjoying his pupster brothers Duncan, Rafa and Tobie in Michigan.

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