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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Happy Endings 2012

SAMARRA (Shih Tzu) arrived in August 2010. Samarra was a retired breeder and what a sweet, sweet little girl. She loved to be held and cuddled. She gave unbelievable sweet kisses and we loved her dearly. VENCHI (Shih Tzu) arrived in October 2011. Venchi was also a retired breeder. What an absolutely sweet little boy. His eyes just melted our heart. He was such a joy to have with us.
Samarra, Venchi & Mom Carol
Samarra and Venchi are enjoying life to the fullest with their Forever Mom Carol in St. Johns, Michigan.

DELLA (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in June 2011. Della was a retired breeder. What a little character she was. Four pounds packed into what she thought was a St. Bernard's body. She followed us wherever we were at and made sure she got lots and lots of kisses. We shall miss her soft kisses and love for life.
DellaDella, Mom & Dad Diane & Ron
Della adores her Forever Mom & Dad Diane & Ron and loves her pupsters brothers Opie and Champ in Salem, Ohio.
Our sweet Della left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 29, 2023.

CHESSIE (Pomeranian) arrived in February 2010. Chessie was a retired breeder. Chessie arrived so shy and frightened. With lots of love and encouragement she gradually blossomed into a loving little girl who liked nothing more than being held and loved. She will be sorely missed. Cubbie fka SKITTLES (Shih Tzu) came into our care as a puppy due to eye issues which affected his sight. With proper care his eyes healed and what a joy he was! All he needed to do was look up at us with those beautiful eyes and any wish he had was granted.
Chessie, Cubbie & Mom Jean
Chessie and Cubbie filling their Forever Mom Jean's life with joy in Palm Springs, California.
Our sweet Cubbie left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 12, 2013.
Our sweet Chessie left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 5, 2019.

ELSA AND LOTUS (Maltese) arrived in March 2007. Both were retired breeders and very shy. With lots of patience and a great deal of love they blossomed into loving, confident girls. They were both quite the little characters and kept us on our toes. They will both be missed.
Elsa and Lotus are cuddling close with their Forever Mom Janette in Boise, Idaho.

MELLIE (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in October 2011. Mellie had been part of the breeding world. Mellie was very shy upon arrival. With lots of love she began to flourish. She was such a beautiful, sweet little girl. We enjoyed holding her close and shall miss her.
MellieMellie, Mom & Dad Melanie & Keith, Pupster Sisters Reagan Elizabeth, Twinkles, Chloe and Cupcake
Mellie has her Forever Mom & Dad Melanie and Keith wrapped right around her little paws and is thrilled to have such wonderful Yorkie sisters, Reagan Elizabeth, Twinkles, Chloe and Cupcake in York, Pennsylvania.

BALI (Chinese Crested Powder Puff) joined us in December 2007. Bali was a retired breeder. He was so very shy and fearful of everything around him. Gradually he began to emerge from his shell and what a sweet, gentle little boy he was. We shall miss him.
BaliBali and Mom Sue
Bali adores his Forever Mom Sue and thinks his feline sisters and brothers Jasmine, Cassie, Maxx and Radar are really cool in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Our sweet Bali left all of those who loved him and crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 28, 2021.

AIDEN (Pomeranian) joined us in June 2010. Aiden came from a breeder in Ohio and arrived matted to the skin and flea ridden. He had a long way to go emotionally. Cowering and frightened he began his slow journey to heal his heart and soul. This little bitty boy surely won our hearts.
AidenAiden and Mom Melinda and Dad Jack
Aiden is being spoiled by his Forever Mom & Dad Melinda and Jack and loves his feline sister and brother Jackzie and Smokie in Carson City, Michigan.

Finnegan (fka FINNEY Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in May 2011. Finney was a retired breeder and was so unsure of himself we could not even hold him. Quick moves or meeting someone new sent him into a panic. Gradually, slowly by slowly, he began to respond to our love. He was an amazing, sweet little boy.
Finney has joined some of our other Yorkie babies that are loved beyond measure by their Forever Mom & Dad Pam and Dan in Fenton, Michigan.

CANDICE (Shih Tzu) joined us in June 2009. Candice was one of the worse cases of abuse that we had seen by the puppy millers. She arrived emanciated and frightened. She was so heavy with puppies she could hardly walk. As she struggled through delivering six puppies our hearts cried for her. Four of her puppies over several weeks left for the Rainbow Bridge. We could not save them due to hereditary issues and the malnutrition that Candice suffered from. As the days passed Candice began to heal. It was a long road, but finally we felt she was ready to find her home. Saying goodbye to her was very, very difficult and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.
CandiceCandice and Mom Laurie and Dad Jim
Candice adores her Forever Mom & Dad Laurie and Jim and is cuddling close to her pupster brother Charlie and Merlin in Beulah, Michigan.
Our sweet Candice left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 16, 2021.

BELLA & BRODEE (Pekingese Mixes) joined us in April 2012 . Bella and Brodee were flown in from Kentucky. They had been in a fellow rescuers care. She was in an accident and could no longer care for them. They were such sweet babies who gave the best kisses ever. We feel so blessed to have met them and know they have found a wonderful home.
Bella and Brodee think their Forever Mom & Dad Celia and Mike are the best ever in Holland, Michigan.

SHEONA (West Highland Terrier) joined us in November 2011. Sheona was found as a stray, matted to the skin, flea infested with ear infections. She was very shy, but with lots of patience and love she began to feel more confident and gradually her wonderful personality emerged. She left for her Forever Home well adjusted and packed full of love.
SheonaSheona and Uncle Jeff
Sheona is filling her Dad Richard's life with joy in New York City, New York.

MARILEE (Pekingese) joined us in January 2009. Marilee was dumped at a shelter with skin and ear infections. Once healed and with lots of loving her beautiful personality emerged. She was the sweetest little girl and we loved her dearly.
MarileeMarilee and Mom Marilee
Marilee is enjoying life with her Mom Marilee, her namesake, in Orlando, Florida.
Our sweet Marilee left all of those who loved her and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February 2018.

CHAMPAGNE (Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2007. Champagne was a puppy who was close to death as we rushed to her aid and picked her up from the breeder. With round the clock care Champagne rallied and was the most loving, sweetest little girl. We loved her dearly and she returned our love ten fold. She will be missed.
ChampagneChampagne, Mom Deb and Dad Stan
Champagne loves her Mom Deb and Dad Stan and thinks her pupster sister Tashi is pretty cool, in Mayville, Michigan.

NESSIE (West Highland White Terrier) joined us in November 2011. Nessie was found as a stray horribly matted, flea ridden and so afraid. She blossomed under our care and had the greatest smile of any baby we have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was quite the character and filled our lives with joy.
NessieNessie, Mom Kathryn and Dad Kim
Nessie is thoroughly enjoying life with Mom Kathryn and Dad Kim, in Beaverton, Michigan.

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