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Tilly (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2019. Tilly was turned over to PATR due to kennel downsizing by her breeder. She was one busy little girl, our Tilly. She was just packed full of energy and one happy little girl. She loved all of the other pupsters and if someone was ready to play she was right there. She also loved to be held and cuddled and gave the best kisses ever.
TillyMom & Dad Melissa & Karl
Tilly is being lavished with love by her Forever Mom & Dad Melissa and Karl and is enjoying playing with her pupster sisters Tinky and Sarah in Michigan.

Feebi (fka FUDGE Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2018. Feebi was a retired breeder. She was sight impaired, but her lack of sight did not slow her down a bit. She was an amazing little girl and so full of love. She has joined our Dezi for they were best friends and Dezi really missed her and vice versa. We are so happy they are together living the life of queens.
FeebiMom Barb & Cary
Fudge is lovin' her new life with her Forever Mom & Dad Barb & Cary and is thrilled to be reunited with Dezi in Michigan.

Sully (Shih Tzu) joined us in August 2019. Sully joined PATR due to agressive behavior with cats in the household. He was very nervous and unsure of himself initially, but as he became more comfortable this absolutely sweet, funny little boy emerged. He was playful, loving and gave the best kisses! We so enjoyed his company and will miss him.
SullyMom & Dad Joyce and Perry
Sully is so happy with his Forever Mom & Dad Joyce & Perry in Michigan.

Sabella (fka TRACIE Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2019. Sabella had retired from the breeding world. She was an absolute sweetheart although very shy. She gradually came out of her shell and was an absolute joy. She loved playing with the other pupsters and so loved any attention that came her way. Her beautiful eyes could melt any heart.
SabellaMom & Dad Carma & Doug
Sabella is beyond spoiled by her Forever Mom & Dad Carma & Doug in Michigan.

Leeah ( Shih Tzu) joined us in August 2015. Leeah was a retired breeder and very, very shy. It took quite some time for her to trust those around her. She also suffered from vestibular disease (head tilting). She was such a sweet loving little girl and we are thrilled she finally has her very own home. We are really going to miss our adorable little girl.
LeeahMom Linda
Leeah adores her Forever Mom Linda, loves her pupster sister Bradi and feline sister Delaney in Michigan.

Zeus (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in December 2019. Zeus' breeder passed away unexpectedly so he joined PATR. Zeus was a very shy little guy. As the days passed he became more confident. He began to play with the other pupsters and beg to be picked up. He could be quite the character. He was still a bit uneasy when he left us, but we know his Mom and Dad will take very good care of him.
ZeusMom & Dad Jen and Sean
Zeus is loving his new life with his Forever Mom & Dad Jen and Sean in Illinois.

Willow (fka SHANDA Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2019. Willow was a retired breeder. She was a bit shy when she first arrived, but it didn't take her long before she had us wrapped right around her little paws. All she had to do is look at us with those great big eyes and our hearts melted. We are going to miss her.
WillowMom & Dad Jen and Sean
Willow has won her Forever Mom & Dad Jen and Sean's hearts and loves her pupster sister Campbell in Michigan.

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